Rock am Ring 2019 announces Marteria and Casper

Foto: Don Crusio/Festileaks

Rock am Ring is one of the big festivals that has already started announcing names for its 2019 edition. Marteria and Casper join the lineup.

Just before the 2018 festival ended, the organizers annouced Die Ärzte as the first headliners for the next edition. After a six-year break, the punk rock band will be German exclusives for Rock am Ring and Rock im Park 2019.

Today, we got more news from the organizers, and it is a different approach than an outright rock headliner. German rappers Marteria and Casper will both play at the twin festivals next year. Casper has been active since 2003, releasing many mixtapes, EPs and albums. Marteria started his career three years later. This time, they will bring their ‘Champion Sound Open Air’ to the main stage of the festivals. It is their duo project that they will also bring to other places in Germany during the summer.

Already, 60,000 tickets have been sold, so it has been advised to secure your ticket if you want to be there.

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park 2019

Foto: Natasja Blouw/Festileaks

Rock am Ring and Rock im Park are two annual rock music festivals in Germany. Rock am Ring takes place at the Nürburgring race track, whereas Rock im Park takes place simultaneously at Zeppelinfield in Nuremberg and has an identical lineup. The Nürburgring festival first started in 1985 and is considered to be one of the largest festivals in Germany. Its twin festival was organised for the first time in 1993. Every year, both festivals attract more than 110,000 people and are usually sold out.

  • Location: Nürburgring and Nuremberg, Germany.
  • Date: 7-9 June 2019.
  • Tickets: on sale from 5 June for €169 (3-day pass), camping €50.
  • For more information, visit the official website.