Photo Report: the festival site of Pinkpop 2019

Photo: Ben Houdijk / Pinkpop 2019

2019 marks the 50th anniversary of Pinkpop, which means the festival goes all out this year. The celebration of the Dutch festival is noticeable in every corner of the festival site, from the bright pink tent stage to a remarkable exposition. This is the way the festival celebrates its special birthday.

A Pinkpop 50 entrance

Upon entering the festival site, you notice that this edition is something special: it’s the 50th Pinkpop. The celebration starts at the entrance and doesn’t stop.

The special Brightlands Stage

The Brightlands Stage has had a makeover. The stage stands out with it’s bright pink colour. Also, as promised, the performing artists are even more visible than last year. Thumbs up!

New letters

No tradition is safe from the birthday celebrations. The famous letters have had an upgrade as well. The letters changed from ‘I ‘love’ PINKPOP’ to ’50 PINKPOP’. The best place to take a photo to remember this special edition.

Classy wine bar

The Dutch festival becomes more luxurious every year. This time, you can even enjoy a glass of wine like you’re part of the upper class. This special wine bar can be found to the right of the IBA Parkstad Stage.

Sponsors are celebrating

Not just Pinkpop is proud of its anniversary. Its partners have made an effort as wel. The new partner Poliakov brought its own version of Wipeout and Coca Cola celebrates in just fifteen minutes.

A unique exposition

Photo: Ben Houdijk / Pinkpop 2019

No The Police at the Main Stage, but guitarist Andy Summers is still at Pinkpop this year. He brings his unique exposition to the ‘Kalm aan Laan’. It shows beautiful photos of The Police’ ‘Let’s Get Weird’ tour.

Fifty years of Pinkpop at the Kalm aan laan

Fifty years of history are visible in all their glory at the Kalm aan laan. You can have a look at the festival posters of all the years. You can even send a postcard from every edition at the post office. Your parents might be interested to know if you’re still alive.

A statue of festival director Jan Smeets

Photo: Jos Willemsen

A birthday is nothing without gifts. Festival director Jan Smeets received a special one from Mojo: Smeets is immortalised with a statue on the festival site. The statue was made by Herman Lamers.

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Pinkpop 2019

Foto: Bart Heemskerk (Pinkpop 2018)

Pinkpop was organized for the first time in 1970, making it one of the oldest annual music festivals in the world. The Dutch festival often boasts impressive lineups. This year, it’s celebrating its 50th anniversary. Mumford & Sons, The Cure and Fleetwood Mac are headlining, while Armin van Buuren, Lenny Kravitz, The 1975 and many more will also perform.

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