7 Days of camping at Sziget 2019? This is how you survive!

Photo: Sandor Csudai

Sziget 2019 is less than a week away. From Ed Sheeran to Foo Fighters, the festival will go from one highlight to the other. How can Szitizens survive this week of camping in Budapest? We list seven tips.

Located in the heart of the Hungarian capital, Sziget is one of the biggest festivals in the world. About 130,000 people enjoy the wonderful music and parties at Óbuda Island. Of course, camping at such a massive event for seven days is not for everyone, but with these tips it is easy!

Get a moving-in ticket

To make your arrival at Sziget easier, you can choose to move in before the festival starts. Music will officially start on Wednesday, but you can already enter the festival grounds one or three days earlier. Get to explore the island when it’s still quiet, and find a good spot for your tent before the masses move in. Moreover, when you’re in Budapest on Tuesday, the official Sziget warm-up party will get you going at the city’s famous A38 venue. Moving-in and warm-up party tickets can be found on the festival website.

sziget beach
Photo: Lászlö Mudra (Rockstar Photographers)

Choose a good spot

Perhaps the most important one. Choosing the right place for your tent will largely decide how much sleep you will get during the festival. Spots with shade in the morning are golden, for example in the forest near the beach. Have a look at the stands around you as well, some bars may turn into 24-hour stages! Another basic camping tip is to get a flat surface away from ditches. You never know what happens when you try to find your tent after a long day of festivalling.

Get a campsite upgrade

With a regular Sziget ticket, you can pitch your tent anywhere on the main festival grounds, but if you’re into a little more comfort, the campsite upgrades may be something for you. These special camping areas provide better (toilet) facilities, and sometimes even a swimming pool! For example, the Bridge Camping is ideally located next to the island’s entrance. Some others are themed, like the French-style Apero Camping. Many upgrades are already sold out, but others are still available on the festival website.

Photo: Sandor Csudai

Rent a camping set

Sziget has also come up with something for a more comfortable journey. You can already buy your tent, mattress and sleeping bag on the festival website, so they will be waiting for you when you arrive. In this way, you don’t have to carry around so much stuff on your way to Budapest. Chill!

Don’t leave valuables in your tent

Of course, this is obvious. There is no worse feeling than returning to your tent and finding your wallet and speakers are gone. Part of it is planning: don’t take expensive stuff to the festival, you probably won’t use it anyway. For those valuables that you do need, Sziget also provides guarded lockers. It’s best to get them in advance, as they are usually quite popular.

Photo: Sandor Csudai

Bring cough drops

Festival veterans will be familiar with this phenomenon: the Sziget cough. 130,000 people jumping around for seven days does not do the island very well, so it can get very dusty. Wearing a bandana over your mouth will help, but cough drops are even nicer. You wouldn’t want to miss out on the big Ed Sheeran or Foo Fighters singalong!

Book a hotel for your final night

If you’ve survived the whole seven days of camping at Sziget, you still need to get back home. One option is to jump straight into an uncomfortable night bus, but you could also stay in a nice bed for one night to recover. It’s a small investment, but totally worth it. No better way to start your post-festival depression.

Sziget 2019

Photo: Rockstar Photographers

Sziget is one of the largest music festivals in Europe, held every August in northern Budapest. In 2019, the festival is headlined by Ed Sheeran, Foo Fighters, The National, Florence + the Machine, Post Malone, The 1975 and Martin Garrix, among others. Apart from the big names, the line-up also includes many hidden gems, as well as theatre and circus acts.

For more information, visit our festival page or the official website.

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