Colours of Ostrava
13-16 juli 2022
Ostrava, Tsjechië

8 Czech sentences to help you survive at Colours of Ostrava 2019

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Luc Reij / Festileaks

Colours of Ostrava 2019 hosts world-class musical acts and a diverse side programme in the wonderful surroundings of an old industrial site. However, for international visitors, the Czech festival might seem a little daunting, as English signs and translations are often lacking. To help you out, we list eight useful Czech sentences.

From e-tickets to food truck menus, many things at Colours seem to be in Czech. We suspect not every festivalgoer does an online language course before attending a festival, so this can sometimes be difficult. Of course, you can just ask someone to explain in English, but these eight sentences will also prove useful.

Kde je Colours?

Where is Colours?

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Luc Reij / Festileaks

Perhaps the most important question of all. The festival takes place in Dolní Vítkovice, in an old industrial site close to Ostrava’s city centre. From 1828 to 1998, the area was a hotspot for mining and ironworks. Now, festivalgoers can enjoy the unique location, partying between the warehouses and factory buildings. Colours really looks like an industrial fairytale!

Kde můžu umistit můj stan?

Where can I pitch my tent?

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Luc Reij / Festileaks

The festival campsite is almost as scenic as the main grounds. You can pitch your tent on one of the fields next to the Silesian Castle of Ostrava. This is also the original location of the festival site, before Colours moved to Dolní Vítkovice. From the campsite, it’s ten minutes by tram, or a half-hour walk. More information and directions can be found on the festival’s website.

Kdo je Kryštof? Proč jsou slavmal skupina?

Who are Kryštof? Why are they so famous here?

When inspecting the timetable, you will come across the Thursday headliner. For international visitors, this can be a little surprising. Kryštof are hardly as famous as The Cure or Florence + the Machine, but these local heroes are extremely popular in the Czech Republic. They have been going since 1994, and have released eight studio albums. Think Coldplay, The Script or Snow Patrol, but with Czech lyrics.

Wow, tady je to tak čisté!

Wow, it’s so clean here!

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Luc Reij / Festileaks

Upon entering the festival site, it really strikes you how clean Colours is. There is hardly any rubbish on the ground. Partly because there are plenty of bins around, but also because of the handy hardcup system. You get one when you buy your first drink, and then you keep it with you until you exchange it for the next beverage. Easy and sustainable!

Pět piv, prosím!

Five beer please!

It’s important to stay hydrated at a festival, so this may be the most useful sentence of them all. At Colours, the main beer is Radegast. This Czech lager is brewed in the region, so you’re also supporting local culture. Moreover, for only 45 Kč (± €1,75) per 0,5 L, you may as well give a round to your friends!

Kdy hraje The Cure?

When will The Cure play?

The absolute headliner of Colours 2019 is The Cure. The legendary English band will take the stage on the last day, Saturday 20 July, at 21:15. They will play an awesome 135-minute set, featuring songs from four different centuries. Expect to hear all the hits, from ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and ‘A Forest’ to ‘Just Like Heaven’ and ‘Friday I’m in Love’, but also some lesser-known tunes.

Ó můj bože, já miluji Rosalía

OMG, I love Rosalía

Closing the festival on the main stage will be Rosalía. The Spanish singer is one of the stars of this festival season, wowing audiences with her impressive stage performance. Mixing traditional flamenco with modern pop and reggaeton, her songs are both catchy and original. This sentence will surely be useful.

Jsem trochu unavený z té muziky

I’m a little tired of all this music

Although there are plenty of must-see artists at Colours, you probably don’t want to run from stage to stage for four days. Thankfully, the festival offers much more than just music. There are two museums on site, dedicated to science and art. You can also attend one of the many workshops, which range from street dance and ballet to krav maga and K-pop. Another highlight is climbing the 77-metre-high Bolt Tower for the wonderful views.

Kde můžu povédét idem jak je Colours super?

Where can I tell people how amazing Colours is?

Are you at Colours of Ostrava this year? We would like to know how you experienced the festival. Below, you can rate the festival in seven different categories. In September, we conclude which festivals were the best during the Festileaks Festival Awards. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

Colours of Ostrava 2019

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Boy Janissen / Festileaks

Colours of Ostrava was first held in 2002. Since then, the festival has become the biggest festival in the Czech Republic. It has a capacity of 30,000 people and features performers from all major genres as well as avant-garde and world music. The festival also offers discussions, theatre performances, films, workshops and art activities. Set on the industrial site of a former mining area, Colours is a festival for the bucket lists.

In 2019, headliners include The Cure, Florence + the Machine and Rag’n’Bone Man. Many other must-see artists will also perform at the Czech festival.

For more information, visit the official website.

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