SONS’s Festival Resumé: “That’s something I dreamed about since I was little”


The Belgian band SONS is touring around festivals this summer, with their debut-album Family Dinner. In this edition of the Festival Resumé, we got to speak with their bassist, Jens de Ruyte, about their upcoming shows. What are some of the best festival moments of the band? And what can we expect from them at Down The Rabbit Hole and Pukkelpop?

Wie is Jens De Ruyte?

  • Jens de Ruyte is born in Melsele, Belgium and is 27 years old
  • Jens de Ruyte plays the bass in the band SONS, a garage-rock band founded in 2016
  • The most well-known songs of SONS are ‘Family Dinner’, ‘Naughty’ and ‘Ricochet’
  • This summer SONS will play at – among other – Pukkelpop and Down The Rabbit Hole
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    ”We are going to play a lot from our new album, Family Dinner, that has come out in April. The shows themselves are going to be loud and very energetic, with a lot of moshpits and sweat! We ourselves cannot wait for the shows at Down The Rabbit Hole and Pukkelpop. Those ones are going to be awesome! It is very cool to play at those huge festivals. We love to go to these festivals ourselves as well, the atmosphere there is great. The line-up is brilliant as well this year. It is great to look at the poster and see your own name next to artists you have been listening to for years.”

    ”At Down The Rabbit Hole we take over your Instragram account for a day. We’ve got some cool things planned for it, but it is going to be a surprise what it is exactly!”

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    ”The festival I first visited myself was Pukkelpop, if my memory serves me right. Some friends who had been there before took me to the festival. Straight away I went the whole weekend, camping-experience and everything. All the aspects of the festival combined made it almost magical, I did not want to go home when it finished. From the lineup I don’t remember much, what sticked is all the parties and adventures on the camping afterwards. Lots of laughing and doing things that can only be done at places like this. Since that festival, I have never stopped going to festivals in the summer.”

    ”Going to festivals as a band is also a treat, the perfect summer activity. Only last year we started playing at the ‘big’ summer festivals, one of the first was Rock Werchter. This was directly one of the most memorable festivals we played at. So many people, such an awesome crowd. If you are there on stage, it is indescribable. The feeling you get when the sound of your instrument hits the crowd. The way you experience that power, that is a feeling I will never forget.”

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    ”Last year we played at the ‘Lokerse Feesten’, and that was one of the first times we got to see such a massive organisation from the inside. For example some delicious catering, where we got to pick and choose our own menu. Also, you meet a lot of big artist, when you are chilling backstage. One time we suddenly had Jack White walk by.
    If those guys walk by, you give it a second look, especially as a young, beginner band. That we, as SONS, are standing next to these huge names, who are in the business for many years. That does something with you. That is something we have been dreaming about since we were little. ”

    ”All those things that happen in the backstage area, it is like a whole village. Pearl Jam was setting up last year on Rock Werchter, and they had a crew of more than 50 people. That is really cool to see. And then there is us carrying our own instruments and amps.”

    < ?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?> < ?xpacket end="w"?> Bucketlist

    ”Best Kept Secret for sure, that is a festival I really want to play at. The lineup of BKS is always very good and special. It is a really pleasant festival to go to, especially because of the people who are there. The mentality of the Dutch audience is a bit different from us here in Belgium. Less restrained and always in for a good party.”

    ”Dour festival, for me personally is one that I would like to check off the list. I go there every year, the atmosphere there has something special. In the best meaning of the word. The people, the festival, the mentality. That is something else compared to other festivals, more alternative. It is every time a very loyal audience, who are all really into music. They come there to discover new music and to really listen to the music.”

    ”Pukkelpop was also high on the list, but we get to play there this summer. I’m really looking forward to that show!”

    < ?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?> < ?xpacket end="w"?> Best Show

    ”One of the most memorable shows I got to see was the one of Meatbodies, in the Botanique in Brussels. That was the gig where I discovered the New Garage-rock, and it was the first band that really blew me away with their Wall of Sound. I remember having my jaw in the floor for almost the entire show, it was so amazing. When I stepped outside, the only thing I could think was:”Wow, what was this!?” I instantly realized that is what I want to do with SONS. That show was an eye opener for all of use in the band, and it has had a major impact on us as a band. We told each other:”That Wall of Sound, that is our goal, to create that!”. The vibe of that show was so good, we want to do that as well. That show has been an inspiration for us.”

    < ?xpacket begin="" id="W5M0MpCehiHzreSzNTczkc9d"?> < ?xpacket end="w"?> Festival Anthem

    ”A perfect Festival Anthem was the song they used for the After-Movie of Rock Werchter 2018, when we played there. The song they used was ‘Amplify’ by Arsenal. That song was the perfect embodiment of how the festival was and really captured the ambiance. Not only for Rock Werchter but for festivals in general. A really good summary of the summer. It was a really good one, and it got used everywhere on Rock Werchter.”