Best of 2019: Pinkpop

The Cure - Pinkpop 2019
Photo: Ben Houdijk (Pinkpop 2019)

In its 50th edition, Pinkpop has offered a stellar lineup as usual. Thousands of festival goers came to Landgraaf and made the small and quiet village a beautiful landscape of music and parties.

Among the great variety of bands we have chosen 5 acts that we have identified as the most significant.

Cage The Elephant

The Kentucky band’s concert will be remembered both for the energy the band had on stage and for the guitarist’s leg injury. In fact after their Pinkpop concert, Cage The Elephant tried to play a couple more gigs, but after that they have been forced to cancel all their European dates.

Anyway the concert was amazing, singer Matthew Shulz moved like a young Mick Jagger and the audience seemed to enjoy it. The rock band played songs from all their 5 albums but probably the highlight was the encore. Their hit ‘Shake Me Down’ and then ‘Theet’ with Matt on fire crowdsurfing.

Cage the Elephant Setlist Pinkpop Festival 2019 2019


It isn’t easy to play before a headliner such as Mumford & Sons, but Jay Kay & co. seemed not to be worried about that. The frontman, recovered from the back pain, was undoubtedly the real star on stage. All the cameras were for him and his shining and showy hat. But his band was no different: they are great musicians who entertained the audience in an excellent way for an hour and 15 minutes.

The Cure

The Cure are for sure the band of the summer of 2019. They played almost every festival in Europe, but they are so perfect that we cannot turn a blind eye to this perfection. The British band hypnotized the whole crowd for more than two hours. Robert Smith was amazing when he hugged his guitar while singing. As usual the tracklist was kilometric: 28 songs from almost every album. The climax was probably ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ when actually some die hard fans shed a tear.

The Cure Setlist Pinkpop Festival 2019, Summer Festivals 2019

Jett Rebel

Probably Jett Rebel is known mostly in the Netherlands, but he showed how to attract the attention and put on a great show. He was the first act of Monday on the mainstage and he had a large audience. He showed up with a pink kimono but finished the gig shirtless and completely wild. This was a really good way to start a day of a festival.

Jett Rebel Setlist Pinkpop Festival 2019 2019

Dropkick Murphys

After 17 years “The Boys are back” at Pinkpop. In a rainy day, the Massachussets band played their celtic punk rock on the second stage. In front of thousands of colourful rain jackets Dropkick Murphys challenged the bad weather to the sound of bagpipe, banjo and heavy guitars. For sure the best moment was when they started their greatest hit ‘I’m Shipping Up To Boston’. Al Barr was the matador and the whole crowd was jumping and singing every single word of the song.

Dropkick Murphys Setlist Pinkpop Festival 2019 2019

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Pinkpop was first organized in 1970, making it one of the oldest annual music festivals in the world. Usually, the festival is held during the weekend of Pentecost, but if this is too early in the year, it will be moved to a later weekend.

The Dutch festival often boasts impressive lineups. In the past decade, headliners included Bruce Springsteen, Coldplay, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Muse, Paul McCartney and The Rolling Stones. Pinkpop covers every kind of music from indie, rock and metal to pop, hip hop and dance. This diversity, plus the relaxed atmosphere, make this festival a recommendation for young pop fans and old rockers, as well as everyone else!