“For a better tomorrow” Sustainability at Lollapalooza Berlin 2019


Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue at festivals, and at Lollapalooza Berlin, it is no different. With their own area dedicated to sustainability “Der Grüne Kiez” (the green neighbourhood) and a motto “for a better tomorrow”, we took a look at how Lollapalooza Berlin is helping towards a more sustainable future in their 2019 edition.

In this year’s edition, Lollapalooza Berlin focused on three main areas: The environment, sustainability and tolerant interaction between each other. The Green Neighbourhood has been designed to inform festival-goers about these topics and more in a relaxed atmosphere. Below you can see the lineup over the two days:

photo: Lollapalooza Berlin (2019)

Firstly, we have The Green Neighbourhood’s very own stage where all panels and performances were held. Some of the panels included talks by Sea Sheperd and Fridays For Future, while we were also lucky enough to see one of the DJ sets across the weekend held by Downsyndrom Berlin E.V.

Rosa Walker / festileaks

Let´s take a look at what else we found in The Green Neighbourhood:

Ride Africa

Rosa Walker / festileaks

Of course, we wanted to take part in some initiatives ourselves. This year, Child.org brought one of their programmes Ride Africa to Lollapalooza Berlin. The Challenge: To bike as far as possible in 1 minute, with the top 3 people winning VIP tickets to Lollapalooza Berlin 2020! Do you think we won?

Rosa Walker / festileaks


The Green Neighbourhood at Lollapalooza Berlin includes several taps for water which meant you could fill up your water bottle for free (and use less plastic!). However, if you needed to buy a bottle of water, Lolla made sure the money was being put to good use. The start-up Share was the official water supplier of the festival whose aim is to provide clean water in Liberia.

Lolla Therapy

Rosa Walker / festileaks

And finally: Lolla therapy, a specific area dedicated to writing your thoughts with the opening line “If I could, I would ….”, some festival goers went with less impactful options such as “eat” and “drink” (which is still very important!) while others wrote down their views on politics and personal matters.

That’s all we had time for this year! What do you think, would you like to attend a more sustainable festival? Don’t forget to check out our previous article from Lollapalooza Berlin 2019, and our first article: We challenged ourselves to watch no shows of the same genre at Lollapalooza Berlin 2019.

Lollapalooza Berlin 2019

Lollapalooza Berlin 2018
Photo: Stephan Flad (Lollapalooza Berlin 2018)

Lollapalooza Berlin is an annual music festival that takes place at the Olympic Stadium in the German capital. Since 2015 it has consistently given a diverse lineup, including the likes of Muse, Kings of Leon, David Guetta and Kraftwerk. This year we saw Twenty One Pilots, Billie Eilish, Martin Garrix and many others take the stage.

For more information, head to our festival page or the official website.

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