Melt Festival 2019 wins Festival Award for ‘Best Location & Looks’

MELT festival 2019
Photo: Monique Biermans / Festileaks

Festileaks reveals the winners of the Festileaks Festival Awards 2019. Over 14,000 festival-goers rated festivals throughout Europe in seven fixed categories. Germany’s Melt Festival 2019 wins the Festival Award for ‘Best Location & Looks’.

Discover all the winners of the Festileaks Festival Awards 2019.

1. Melt Festival (9.5)

Photo: Niek Bosma / Festileaks

Always high in the charts, but finally winning the award this year: Melt Festival! The German festival has one of the most iconic locations in the world: the enormous machines of Ferropolis. During the day it’s already inspiring, but at night the surroundings blend together with the shows of Bon Iver, Modeselektor and Stormzy. It’s simply fantastic. Another huge draw for Melt is that the second stage is right next to the water. Enjoy KAYTRANADA, Elderbrook, FKJ and more while swimming in the lake.

2. Electric Castle (9.4)

Electric Castle 2018, location
Foto: Thijs Jacobs / Festileaks

Electric Castle also chose its location well. The century-old Banffy Castle is the stage for this Romanian festival. The setting was even more special this year as a result of the beautiful exposition of New Media Artists. Even though the rest of the grounds are filled with sponsor stands, it all fits nicely together. Moreover, as the name implies, it’s not only the castle that takes centre stage here. Eclectic lights play a big role at the event. Electric Castle is an adventure during the day, but at night the lighting comes through in all sorts of creative ways.

3. Colours of Ostrava (9.2)

Colours 2018, locatie, location
Photo: Boy Janissen / Festileaks

Last year the still won the award, but that does not mean that the location was less perfect this year. Colours of Ostrava keeps surprising you. Between the mines and industrial ovens, festival-goers enjoy wonderful shows and a relaxed atmosphere. Stages are located both outside and inside the rusty buildings. Catch a classical music performance in the giant gas holder, or climb the 78-metre-tall Bolt Tower to get an amazing overview of the industrial site. Colours is a discovery that even Columbus’ would put on his bucket list.

4. Down the Rabbit Hole (9.1)

DTRH, locatie
Photo: Kamiel Scholten / Festileaks

Every single year, Down the Rabbit Hole manages to surprise. The festival site has never been the same for two years in a row, and that is not easy. Still, this year De Groene Heuvels performed once again. Teletubby tunnels leading to a quite chill spot, a lot of space for art, and the hot and sweaty swamp party. Add the beautifully located main stage, from which you can see the sun disappear in the lake, and we can only ask: when can we go back?

5. Zwarte Cross (8.9)


Here they are again: Zwarte Cross. The festival’s location is certainly one of its draws. With over twenty stages, discovery is a big part of the experience. On top of that, the decorations are once again on point. Creative and with humour, always looking for the boundaries of what is acceptable. Sometimes this invites criticism, but at the same time this also makes the festival so strong. With the fantastic track being part of the grounds, Zwarte Cross is Europe’s biggest motocross party!

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