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Spreek (niet) je moerstaal op Vestrock

In Nederland hebben we natuurlijk genoeg fantastische artiesten die lekker in hun moerstaal zingen. Vestrock heeft al vele parels mogen ontvangen op de festivalweide en programmeert vaak fijne acts van Nederlandse bodem. Om het buitenland deze hits niet te onthouden, hebben we de lyrics van enkele kleppers door Google Translate gegooid. Ondanks dat het Engels een tikkie gebrekkig is, kunnen de liedjes nu internationaal meegeblèrd worden.

Hieronder staan de vertalingen. Kunnen jullie achterhalen welke liedjes dit zijn? De nummers zijn van artiesten die allemaal op Vestrock gestaan hebben of er in 2021 optreden. Voor de songtitel en de artiest krijg je elk één punt. Good luck!

1. ”Shouldn’t you be in GTST? You don’t earn a bag with all those songs. Hey, sweet potato fries! Sweetheart, can you put on an apron? I just walk cunting here with this turkey. What are we nice out! Well mum, we are just at home.”

2. ”You do decent but your dance is dirty. Sits in your blood, decent you cannot. You have luck because there grows something now. Sand harder girl stop now not. I hear her scream ”oh, now it’s too late”. Everyone has through where you go for. So I tell her ”let’s go”. What did you say on ”Slow”? Or do you sit with doubts in your stomach?”

3. ”Little bit money for my scars, let it rain for few, yeah. The people around me they came to stay. I hate it to say it, but they let it look like. And call me paranoid, or call it older and wiser. I am with real ones, yeah, also if it costs my soul. Nothing is changed since the four still.”

4. ”It is approximately the evening. Does not matter much. Everything is the same. And we are different. Does not matter and you draw us grey. Of the winter it becomes cold and when the snow melts. Then I drive to the south.”

5. ”You can find me at the McDonald’s or the wolf shed. Sauce on my shirt, beer on my high sewing. Harder daddy, more Chanel than Coco. Dirty fur, more style than a gay. You look oh so acid at my high sewing, because my high sewing is oh so expensive.”

6. ”The most guys want to see friends or find attention in the city. The mine keeps specially his evening free and wants preferably with me in bath. Some guys have everything already at home and keep yet looking for more. But the mine has already rest, oh yes, and he has on me enough.”

7. ”Oh babe, diamonds dancing. Where do we go? What go we do? I find it cool, I feel safe when I am with you. You sit in your car and we know it goes fast. I am confused of the smell that your vest smells. You don’t have to tell now where this goes.”

8. ”I sit dreaming. If you will come. Let me know it. I cannot forget you.”

9. ”Yes that I mean. I am the dresscode myself, fuck the theme. No chick or fried chicken or the smoke sausage of the Hema. Blood on the penis this time it is serious.”

10. ”There is damned much to say. And to lie yet much more. Lots of dredge naked to lay. Yet does the digging hurt so much. I am a jerk but I learn.”

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