Sziget 2019

7 – 13 August 2019
Budapest, Hungary


Sziget is an Hungarian music festival that takes place on an island in Budapest (Sziget means island). It started in 1993 as a festival for students and quickly attracted a more international audience. If you like a good lineup combined with a great atmosphere, this is your festival.

Sziget is not a festival like any other. It goes on for a week, extendable to ten days. It has a Glastonbury style of camping: in between the stages, there is no separation between the camping and the festival site. Sziget is also host to numerous non-musical activities. From theatre to dance, gym and various sports, there is even a museum space and an NGO one. Musically, Sziget has won the European Festival Award of Best Lineup twice, in 2014 and 2017; but it is not the headliners that make the festival: the variety of Sziget is amazing, with most genres represented from world music and techno to indie and hip hop.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to the festival?

Sziget is located just north of Budapest’s city center. It is a big and lively city, so the public transport is good. There are many ways to get to the festival when you are in the city. You have to get to the suburban railway H5 and stop at Filagorit. From the city center, take the metro line M2 to the Batthyány tér M+H stop, from the airport, by bus line 100E, stop at Deák Ferenc tér and transfer to metro line M2. You can also take a cab or the boat.

If you are coming by car or bicycle, there will be parkings available on the island but make sure to book a place. They are located on the southern part of the island, closed to the public. The same applies with the caravan-camping.

Is there a festival campsite?

There is no campsite per se, as you literally camp wherever you find a place, as long as it is not on a stage pit or on the roads. People choose their camping spot wisely: under trees, as it can get hot in summer; most of them are decorated with lights and artifacts. Also, take geography into account, as you do not want to camp next to the Party Arena if you want to sleep early. That’s for the general camping. Other “special” campings are also available. You pay for a reserved space and it comes with commodities: free wifi, more toilets and showers. There’s even a pool in the VIP camping area.

The island is minutes from the city by public transport, so a lot of people opt for even more comfort and look for hostels, hotels and appartments. They visit the city during the day, take a shower and are fresh for the beginning of the concerts.

What if I cannot travel with my tent but still want to camp

It is still possible to camp without the hassle of travelling with your equipment. You can pre-book some tents + mattresses directly from Sziget, or you can buy them at the Auchan just outside the festival site, they have enough for everyone during festival time.

What should I do if I have any further questions regarding Sziget?

Worry no longer! We’re happy to help you out with any questions. Just send us a message.

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Sziget Location

Sziget Address

Obudai Island
Majus 9. Park
Hungary (Magyarország)

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