Igloofest 2021: five virtual performances in iconic Montreal locations

Photo: Patrick Palmer

Igloofest 2021 will be streamed online for everyone to enjoy. While the (local) lineup is diverse and strong, what also stands out are the locations where the performances take place. The winter festival takes advantage of the absence of crowd to spread out in the city, on an island, and in one of the most iconic electronic venue of Montreal.

Cri at La Ronde amusement park: opening Igloofest 2021

Located on Saint-Helene island right next to the city center, La Ronde is Quebec’s biggest amusement park. The exact location of filming is undisclosed but there are many options, and it will be even more magical with the snow. The first Igloofest night will be headlined by CRi. The Quebec born musician signed to Anjunadeep released his first album in 2020 and will play a powerful live set. Indie musician Jesse Mac Cormack and the alt pop of Sophia Bel complete the program. It’s not the first time that the three collaborate, see video above.

Click here for a drone footage of La Ronde.

Jacques Greene at Montreal Old Port

The Old Port is the usual location of Igloofest, next to the picturesque old city. So it is great to have at least a night there, to keep the link between 2020 and 2022. Will they go further with the production? What we know is that they will have a surprise in the scenography each week-end. Toronto-born Jacques Greene will delight us with his dreamy electronica and make us dance on our couches.

Lou Phelps at the Stewart Museum

On the third weekend, Igloofest will come back to Saint-Helene island, where the Stewart Museum will host a performance by Lou Phelps. The Montreal Hip-hop musician released EXTRA EXTRA!, a 7 tracks album in October 2020. Kaytranada, his brother, produced the lead single ‘NIKE SHOE BOX’, so maybe he will make an appearance? In any case, the spotlight should be on Lou Phelps, and he has a special venue to make a very special performance. Nicolas Cournoyer, the festival’s VP, tells us that they chose La Ronde and Steward Museum in part because they are part of the city’s collective imaginary.

Misstress Barbara at the Videotron building rooftop

For the most techno night of the festival, Misstress Barbara will enchant us from the top of the Videotron building, a partner of the festival and a rooftop with a great view on the Old City, where it all began. The Montreal DJ isn’t new to the festival. She already headlined Igloofest in very rainy conditions. We hope that her performing this year isn’t an obstacle to her performing for the 15th anniversary in 2022.

TBA at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT)

To close Igloofest, a 12h-marathon will take place at the Société des Arts Technologiques. The venue is iconic in the city’s eletronic scene. The main room looks industrial, with pipes along the ceiling, and there is another one with a dome where they mix DJ and VJ. The lineup will be announced this week, it’s all so exciting.

Igloofest 2021

The Montreal winter festival will host a local but impressive lineup this year. In 2022, it will be a giant party for the festival’s 15th anniversary. An international lineup with the biggest names in the House/Techno field will be revealed in due time. In the meantime, you can check Festileaks’ interview with Nicolas Cournoyer, Igloofest vice-president and watch this year’s virtual performances for free on Facebook.