Osheaga 2021: an overview of the rumours

Kendrick Lamar

Osheaga 2021 will take place from 29 July to 1 August. The Canadian festival always delivers a quality lineup. What artists are likely to perform next year? Here is our guess, starting with none other than Foo Fighters.

Osheaga is Canada’s largest and most prestigious music festival. Big headliners, indie favorites, urban and electronic… it is as good as it is eclectic. The festival takes place on an island next to the city center.

Update: The 1975 have cancelled all of their 2021 dates, including Outside Lands. They are probably out.

Update: Osheaga has announced Foo Fighters, Cardi B and Post Malone as headliners, so the chance of having an act the size of Kendrick Lamar or The Strokes is low, but one can hope.

Update: Rumor is that Osheaga is about to be cancelled. We will update you on that, and on the 2022 edition.

Kendrick Lamar

Some might say that Kendrick Lamar is the biggest name of the 2020 lineup, mostly because of how fresh an act he is, how good his live concerts are, and the excitement around a potential new album. Kendrick should’ve closed the festival on Sunday night, and what a treat that would have been. Let’s hope that Osheaga books him on the same spot, but really we’d take any. Kendrick is already announced for some European shows but is still free at the end of July.


Another headliner of 2020, and she is already announced for Outside Lands 2021 (in San Francisco a few days after Osheaga). Still a possible co-headlinert with Cardi B, for an awesome party for the Saturday night! To uplift the mood and continue the festival in Montreal’s clubs well into the morning.

The Strokes

Thanks to Outside Lands, we already know some of the biggest names that are around. The Strokes is a possibility if the organizers go crazy with the money. Possible, given how special that edition is. With a good new album under their belt, and amazing classics, The Strokes would be a perfect fit. Small problem: they are in Australia on 23 July and San Francisco on 6 August so the festival would have to convince them.

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend is another one that has big chances to be announced. They were supposed to play this year, as sub-headliner for Foo Fighters. And they are also confirmed for Outside Lands. Watching Ezra Kroenig will be a treat before the explosion of rock of Foo Fighters. A great slot, as the sun sets and the good vibes kick for everyone. The ultimate festival feeling.

Bon Iver

Another sub-headiner that is almost a certainty. Justin Vernon’s band was supposed to perform before Kendrick Lamar, and for 2021 he is in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania on 28 July, then free for the next days. Osheaga will surely grab him as it’s another perfect act for the sunset slot before Post Malone.

Tyler, The Creator

If Osheaga decides to go ahead with a strong co-headline like Tame Impala-Childish Gambino in 2019, they can book Tyler, The Creator who is available, has the added strenght of Igor in his catalogue and would fit perfectly before Cardi B or Post Malone. Any way, it’s a real possibility as the American rapper is performing in San Francisco and is free around it.

The 1975

The British band would be a good choice for another sub-headliner spot, or even third down as they are not as famous this side of the ocean. Maybe before Vampire Weekend and Foo Fighters? The 1975 is already announced for Outside Lands 2021 and it wouldn’t take much to convince them to perform in Montreal.

Other interesting possibilities include J Balvin (cancelled Osheaga 2019 last-minute, performing at Outside Lands 2021), Brittany Howard (Osheaga 2020, Outside Lands 2021), Parcels (Osheaga 2020 and Outside Lands 2021), Big Thief (Outside Lands 2021, sold-out show in Montreal in October 2019).

Osheaga 2020

For more information, you can visit the festival’s website. More on the 2018 and 2019 lineups.

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