Mad Cool 2018: the 5 most difficult clashes

Mad Cool 2017
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Mad Cool is finally happening from Thursday to Saturday the 14th. After months of overanalyzing their magnificent lineup, time has come to test the festival on its new site. But before getting there, check out our selection of 5 clashes you should worry about.

1- Thursday: Tame Impala vs. Yo La Tengo

You can avoid this clash if you’re a big fan of the spanish band by catching the first 30 minutes of Tame Impala (Madrid Te Abraza stage, 21h40-23h10) then heading out to check Yo La Tengo (Koko, 22h10-23h10). Mad Cool showed pictures of the festival site being built up and we can notice giant screen, bigger than usual, which would enhance Tame Impala visual performances (like at Panorama). Also, they usually start with Let it Happen so you’re in for a treat. Yo La Tengo has more than 30 years of music to present and is an excellent live act.

Tame Impala or Yo La Tengo

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2- Thursday: Kasabian vs. Justice

This is an easy clash if you don’t have an eclectic music taste, and specifically like guitar driven bands or electronic ones. But both acts are excellent live. Kasabian (Madrid te Abraza, 01h30-02h45) have a lot of sing along songs and other you can mosh to. Justice (The Loop, 01h35-02h55) also have some classics, but the live delivery is even better. It’s late at night and both would make you jump and dance.

Justice or Kasabian

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3- Friday: Franz Ferdinand vs. Massive Attack

On the second day, this seemed like the worst clash to us. Two established bands known for their hits and their live act. It will depend on which side of the indie spectrum you are: rock or trip-hop. Franz Ferdinand (Madrid te Abraza, 01h30-02h50) have Take Me Out and many other songs to make your night epic; Massive Attack (The Loop, 01h45-03h00) is more chill, but still groovy. That late at night, the latter might seem like a better option. But if you have enough energy for FF, at least consider them.

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4- Saturday: Queens of The Stone Age vs. Portugal. The Man

Queens of The Stone Age (Mad Cool stage, 21h35-22h50). A band you don’t present anymore thanks to Josh Homme. They just rock! Their set is filled with heavy songs, and, on a good day, they can be the best live act of any festival they perform in. That’s the thing: Homme is unpredictible, having arrived drunk on stage many times recently. On the other hand, Portugal. The Man (Radio Station, 21h55-22h55) isn’t a band you could give a genre to, they have eclectic references and use them for their music: from rock, pop to reggae, they take anything and transform it into something great. The voice of the singer is also a big plus.

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5- Saturday: Jet vs. Dua Lipa vs. Richie Hawtin

If you’re still on your feet on the 3rd day until dawn, Underworld should be your festival closer. But before that, you have the choice: wait for them or check another concert before. Richie Hawtin (The Loop, 01h45-03h00) is an excellent choice if you want to make your night a big electronic fiesta. He will be performing his CLOSE project, which is musically and visually quite good. Jet (Koko, 02h10-03h15) if you want the “older” act, reminiscing you of the 2000′ indie golden age. Or you can take the mainstream bandwagon and go check Dua Lipa (Madrid te Abraza, 02h05, 03h10) and see what all the fuss is about one of the greatest 2018 pop performer.

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Also, don’t forget to check the local bands.

Mad Cool 2018

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