Camping at FM4 Frequency 2019: flunkyball, beer pong and raves

FM4 Frequency 2019 has finished. Thousands of people arrived to Sankt Pölten and pitched their tents along the river Traisen this year. Friendly advice: if you’re considering going to FM4 Frequency in 2020, you need to stay at the campsite. This is why.

Camping at FM4 Frequency really is an experience. These are the most interesting things that we encountered along the river this year.

Beer pong in the water

This game is known by people all over the world. Beer pong is usually played at parties on a dry surface, but have you ever tried to play it in the cold water? If not, you have to try, especially during the hot days.

Raving between the tents

A break between the concerts, or maybe you’re just trying to get in the mood? Just organise a party among the tents. The more people, the better! Go crazy like no one is watching, just dance!


FM4 Frequency loves flunkyball. During the festival, there even are official Flunkyball Championships. But as they say, practice makes perfect, so get your friends together or challenge the neighbours! In every possible spot at the campsite, there are lots of players trying to drink beer as fast as possible. They are competitive, but also friendly. Don’t worry, grab a beer and join them.

Relaxing in the water

If you want to find a good spot in the river, you need to get up really early. At 11am, many people have already placed their chairs in every inch of the water. They are just hanging out, drinking, but also playing volleyball.

Waking up to Austrian music

Every morning, these guys played a curated variety of Austrian music. Nothing better than some banging tunes to help you get up easily. It’s also nice to listen to while eating breakfast and preparing for the upcoming day.

How did you enjoy FM4 Frequency 2019?

Were you at FM4 Frequency too? We would like to know how you experienced the festival. Below, you can rate the festival in seven different categories. In September, we conclude which festivals were the best during the Festileaks Festival Awards. Participation is voluntary and anonymous.

FM4 Frequency 2019

Until 2008, FM4 Frequency took place near Salzburg, Austria, usually every August. In 2009, the festival moved to St. Pölten. It is promoted by one of Austria’s national radio stations, FM4, and is generally associated with the alternative side of mainstream music. This year, headliners included Twenty One Pilots, Macklemore and Swedish House Mafia.

For more information, visit the official website.