Rumoured: Pearl Jam planning tour for 2020?

pearl jam
Photo: Danny Clinch

We already know that a new Pearl Jam album is definitely happening. But the Seattle grunge rockers seem to have more plans for 2020. New rumours suggest that a tour is being planned.

With a new record coming up, it seems likely that Pearl Jam hit the road again. The latest rumour was spread by Nick Digilio at WGN Radio in Chicago. More specifically, he says the Seattle band will perform in Wrigley Field next summer.

Although this comment suggests the tour will be in North America, we can always hope for more. In the past, the American band have rarely skipped Europe. Moreover, there are usually a few festivals on the schedule as well.

The list of rumours for 2020 seems to be going strong, and it looks like its going to be another amazing year for festivals all over the world.

Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam are an American rock/grunge band from Seattle, formed in 1990. The band released their debut album Ten in 1991. It became a breakthrough success for the band, selling more than 10 million copies. The record is considered one of the most influential albums of the 90s. After that, the band released nine more albums. They are often referred to as one of the greatest rock bands of their generation.

Pearl Jam have been nominated for numerous awards throughout the years, including 15 Grammy Awards. In 2017, the band was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Most notably, the band has been known for very energetic live shows. Eddie Vedder’s powerful baritone vocals and on-stage performances place him among the best rock frontmen of all time.