Festival Concert: Parkway Drive at Summer Breeze 2019

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Parkway Drive have headlined several metal festivals this summer. As 2019 is about to end, it is a good time to remember one of their most epic performances, from Summer Breeze Open Air.

The Australian metal band has played at Southside, Rock Werchter, Bloodstock, Brutal Assault and Wacken, among others this summer. The last performance of their 2019 summer tour was at Summer Breeze Open Air in Dinkelsbühl, Germany. This show received an honourable mention in our festival report, as it was more than outstanding.

Several things can be highlighted from this concert. The audience was excellent, they were extremely energetic, and the incredibly big area in front of the Main Stage was fully packed. All the good vibes coming from the crowd had a good effect on Parkway Drive as well. They really enjoyed the show too, their smiles throughout the whole show speak for that.

The band said goodbye to summer in the most perfect way possible. Crazy pits, constant jumping, crowdsurfers and huge flames during the encore really prove that Parkway Drive ‘Crushed’ the Main Stage that night (pun intended).

You can see the setlist below:

Parkway Drive Setlist Summer Breeze 2019 2019, Reverence

You can watch the full performance here:

Parkway Drive

Parkway Drive are one of the most critically acclaimed bands in today’s metal scene. The Australian band formed in 2003 has released six full-length studio albums. Reverence, their latest record is out since 2018. A new documentary on the band’s 15 years career, titled Viva The Underdogs will be screened for one night only across the world on January 22, 2020.

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