Fishing on Orfű 2021 lineup is out

Fishing on Orfű 2021 dates

Recently Hungarian music festivals barely shared updates about the upcoming year. However, Fishing on Orfű is among the first ones to share news for 2021! The alternative music festival announced their lineup and other major news.

Fishing on Orfű 2021

The festival was among the first ones to announce dates for 2021. Now they are also leading with lineup announcements. If things go as planned, Fishing on Orfű will take place between 16-19 June 2021. However, they also prepared for worst case scenario and announced a backup date. If we will face restrictions next June, tickets and passes will be valid for a new date, between 24-28 August 2021. Festival passes are already available, and day ticket options can be purchased as well. The festival also gives a special treat for those who have supported the festival with the price of a festival pass. These guests have access to a special move in day (15 June, backup is 24 August).

Fishing on Orfű has saved the vast majority of the 2020 lineup for next year. Below you find some of the Hungarian bands who will be playing next year:

Heaven Street Seven (only festival show in 2021), 30Y, Hiperkarma, Kiscsillag, Vad Fruttik, Bëlga, Supernem, Elefánt, Esti Kornél, Krúbi, Kistehén (Orfű farewell show), Csaknekedkislány, Ivan & the Parazol, Szabó Benedek és a Galaxisok, Péterfy Bori & Love Band, Besh o droM, VHK, Óriás, Konyha, Colorstar, Tudósok, LAZARVS, Ricsárdgír, Parno Graszt & Bohemian Betyars, Hobo, Saiid & SpeizBoiz, Erik Sumo Band, Apey, Sör és Fű, IAMYANK, Platon Karataev, Carson Coma, Mayberian Sanskülotts, Téveszme, Siketfajd, Stubborn, Prosectura, Hétköznapi csalódások, Junkies, Mikee Mykanic, Slow Village, Funktasztikus, Mulató Aztékok, Gypo Circus, Szeder, Jónás Vera Experiment, Mordái, Kerekes Band, Csángálló, Aurevoir

You can access the day-split of the lineup on their website. For more information regarding tickets, click here.

History of the Festival

Fishing on Orfű is an alternative music festival founded in 2008. The festival takes place at Panoráma Kemping near Lake Orfű, 15km away from Pécs. András Lovasi, one of the founders of the festival, is a musician himself. He is known for playing in Hungarian groups Kispál és a Borz (1987-2010) and Kiscsillag (founded in 2005). Fishing on Orfű works on an invite only basis when it comes to their lineup. The majority of the bands are from the Hungarian underground music scene. Visitors can find a great variety of genres. Basically everything as long as it’s far removed from radio pop. Not only Hungarian acts, but international groups have played at Orfű as well. These include The Subways, Orchards, Red Fang and Black Peaks, among others. Furthermore, the festival also organizes a talent-show since 2018. It gives an opportunity to new, upcoming bands to show themselves at the festival.

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