Nicola Ciaponi

I'm a concert addict from Italy / I'm 22 and I work as an IT technician / I'm a metalhead but I don't mind listening to ska, reggae, rap or indie / As long as I have my legs I will never stop going to festivals. Once a festivalgoer, always a festivalgoer.

Coldplay to return in 2019 with a new album?

According to their friend and collaborator Mat Whitecross Coldplay are set to return next year to work on a new album. The band have been quiet for much of 2018, but now it seems that...

Gorillaz not on tour for the next 10 years?

In an interview with the Toronto Sun, Damon Albarn said that the band will take a break from the road. Fans may have to wait another 10 years. The Britpop legend responded to a question...

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