Sustainability in Spain: These are 4 environment friendly festivals

Photo: Joris Bakker / Festileaks

Environmental contamination is a big problem that society is facing. Sustainability is the key to solving it, and festivals know this as well. They are joining this fight by making their editions more sustainable. Let’s discover what actions festivals in Spain take to be more environment friendly.

Millions of people enjoy festivals every year. As this experience means a great impact on the economy, it also implies a big impact on the environment. Non recycled trash, noise pollution, light pollution, noxious gas are problems that festivals bring. DGTL, Rototom Sunsplash, Primavera Sound and Low Festival are trying to solve this environment contamination every summer.


This electronic Dutch festival is also celebrated in August in Barcelona and in November in Madrid. DGTL is really into the sustainability, innovating new formats to respect the environment. The organization introduced the reusable cups because of the amount of single use plastic. They also removed all the meat from the markets reducing the CO2. Another initiative is recycling the urine by installing special toilets and transforming it into fertilizer for plants. To educate the assistants about, they organize talks and workshops about sustainability. DGTL Barcelona won the BIME Award Fest for the Most Sustainable Spanish Festival in 2017.

Rototom Sunsplash

This reggae festival is celebrated in August Benicasim since 2010. Rototom Sunsplash is one of the festivals most aware of the environmental situation. They reduced plastic through the years, and since 2019 they are officially “Plastic Free”. They installed water fountains with timer. Also, to avoid wasting food they introduced an exchange of it. They introduced biodegradable cutlery and plates. They posted LED lights at the marquee and the beach umbrellas. The reduction of energy consumtion is an 84%. Rototom Sunsplash are all about peace, tolerance, non-racism and sustainability. In 2009 and 2010 they won A Greener Festival Award.

Primavera Sound

This festival of different type of music was born in 2001. It is celebrated in Barcelona in June. Like the other ones, Primavera Sound uses reusable cups that assistants can keep as merchandising. Also, they installed a plastic recycler to motivate people since by win prizes. They are also aware of other problems like race or gender discrimination, sexual abuse and poverty, collaborating with Save the Children. Primavera Sound also collaborates with Greenpeace. They are present at the festival with some social awareness activities.

Low Festival

This is an alternative music festival located in Benidorm in July. Low Festival is aware of the environment and they have introduced some ideas in support of sustainability. They use reusable cups as well. The festival gives 0,25€ to reduce CO2 for each returned cup. Single use plastic is forbiden at the market. Low Festival throws paper confetti instead of the plastic ones. Every year they reduce the use of water and use LED technology. An 80% of the consumption of light has been reduced. Also, they collaborate with Ecoembes and Ecovidrio for recycling.

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