5 things to do in Turin during Club To Club


Club To Club is one of the most appreciated avant-garde and pop music festivals in Europe. It takes place in northern Italy, in the cultural city of Turin. Let us guide you through this beautiful city.

In 2020, despite the pandemic and the difficult situation that is affecting the entertainment industry, Club To Club did take place in a virtual, lighter and smaller edition. From 5th to 8th of November several Italian artists of the calibre of Lorenzo Senni, Mana and Caterina Barbieri have taken part in performances, public sound installations, visual shows and conversations. They took place in amazing venues such as the OGR (Officine Grandi Riparazioni), Teatro Carignano, Forndazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Porta Palazzo and Fondazione Accorsi-Ometto. You can rewatch the festival here.

Turin is also an enchanting city that offers a wide variety of things to do during the festival.

1. Museums and historical sites

Aphex Twin logo on Mole Antonelliana, Club To Club 2018.

Turin is a city steeped in art and culture. Definitely, the first place to visit must be the Mole Antonelliana and the National Museum Of Cinema. Located in the very centre of the city, the Mole is the symbol of Turin, the National Museum of Cinema reviews the history of cinema from dawn to the present day. Afterwards, other museums worth being visited are Museum of The Risorgimento, Palazzo Madama, Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile and GAM Torino. Getting lost in the architectural beauties of Turin is easy. Have a walk along the River Po and the Murazzi or in the wonderful Piazza San Carlo, Piazza Vittorio Veneto -simply called Piazza Vittorio by locals- and Piazza Castello. Finally, Monte dei Cappuccini is just outside the city centre and from up there you can see the whole city.

2. Superga

Superga is one of the highest hills of Turin located on the south bank of the River Po. There you can visit the Basilica and royal crypt where the members of the House of Savoy are buried. Besides, another attraction is the Superga Rack Railway that connects Borgata Sassi to the Basilica. But Superga is sadly also famous for the airplane disaster when the whole football team of Turin, known as Grande Torino, lost their lives. You can reach the hill by bus or by car.

3. Social life

pixabaFoto di Viaggiolibera da Pixabay

Cavallerizza is a historical building, considered a UNESCO heritage site, that hosts exhibitions and events. Then, in San Salvario there are plenty of places where you can have an aperitif and excellent cocktails: you can try, for example, Lanificio, Affini or Krimikal. Furthermore, Piazza Santa Giulia is a cool place to have a drink but be careful, in November it might get a bit cold.

4. Food and drink


Firstly, have a lunch in a Piola, the traditional family-run trattoria that sells typical food and wine. A meal at Cianci could be a winning choice. Then, in a cold autumn day, the ideal thing is a Bicerin. This is a traditional hot drink made of coffee, drinking chocolate and milk served at Bicerin. Open Baladin, located in Piazzale Fusi, is the reference point for the craft beer in Turin: it offers delicious burgers, sandwiches and other dishes and a huge variety of local and imported craft beers. Moreover, another valuable bar for craft beer is Bici e Birra that is also a bicycle repair shop.

5. Mercato di Porta Palazzo


Located in the district of Aurora, this market offers whatever you are looking for from foodstuff and clothes to typical restaurants and gastronomic products. It is open from Monday to Friday until 2 pm and Saturday until 6 pm. Finally, every second Sunday of the month there is the flea market, a real gem.

Club to Club

Club To Club is one of the most appreciated avant-garde and pop music festivals in Europe. It takes place in northern Italy, in the cultural city of Turin.

Born in 2002 as a circuit of clubs, C2C presents each year a lineup of some of the most innovative acts in today’s scene. C2C has been named one, if not the most important Italian festival by various publications including The Rolling Stones.