Italian hidden gem: Sexto ‘Nplugged

Balthazar 2018
Foto: Thomas Nolf

Out of the traditional circuits, “hidden gem festivals” offer a refined program and sometimes juicy side activities. Usually, these small festivals are held in suggestive locations, often surrounded by green and outside urban agglomerations. Sexto ‘Nplugged is a real jewel, held in Sesto al Reghena, an enchanting village in northeastern Italy.

The Festival

Born in 2006, Sexto ‘Nplugged has been based, already from the beginning, on three elements: international artists, unique performances, territorial exclusives. The festival normally takes place in the second half of June. During three or four days every year, Sexto ‘Nplugged offers two or three concerts a day. For the organizers, the main goal is to bring on stage sophisticated artists. There, we can see bands that generally do not go on tour that often, or exclusives performances by iconic artists. As an example, Billy Corgan played there in 2019. It was one of his few solo appearances in Europe that summer. Sexto ‘Nplugged, as every gem, is quite small: its daily capacity is about 1500 people.

Practical Info

To get there, the easiest and surely the best way to get to Sesto al Reghena is by car. Coming from abroad, the nearest airports are Trieste, Venice or Treviso. All of these places are less than an hour by car to the venue. As the majority of Italian festivals, Sexto ‘Nplugged has no camping. Therefore, the promoters offer a nice selection of affiliated bed & breakfast and farmhouses nearby. The ticket price is quite cheap: daily tickets from 20Є and full festival approx 60Є. Currently, for the 2022 edition, Cat Power headlines the line-up that will cost 25Є + fees.


Sexto ‘Nplugged takes place in Sesto al Reghena, one of the Borghi Più Belli d’Italia. The stage is set up in the picturesque Piazza Castello, surrounded by the Abbey of Santa Maria in Sylvis and other historical buildings. In the near Piazzetta Burovich, we can find the Sexto Lounge, a free access area with a good selection of food, beer and wine, art exhibitions and Dj sets by local artists.

2021 edition

Sexto ‘Nplugged Festival 2021 has been held with sitting places and a reduced capacity. The lineup boasted artists such as The Notwist, The House of Love, Àsgeir and Balthazar. The Belgian band played there an incredible set, one of the highlights of the festival. During the show, Balthazar performed songs from their whole discography from ‘The Boatman’ and ‘Blood Like Wine’ to the recent ‘Fever’ and ‘Losers’. Even if it was mandatory to stay seated and despite the heavy rain, a group of fans started to dance and jump to the joy of the security. This year, Balthazar played a few festivals such as Werchter Parklife.

Past Editions

All previous lineups are available on the official website.