8 unforgettable moments from Fest Festival 2021

After four days of music and emotion, Fest Festival 2021 came to an end. This day and night big party attracted a lot of fans to the Silesian Park to see the stars such as Kygo, Alan Walker, James Bay and Kensington. Polish festival took place between 11 and 14 August 2021 in Chorzów.

After one and a half year of waiting, fans had a chance to finally attend the festival. Polish Fest Festival was one of not many festivals in Europe that actually could go ahead. That’s why it’s worth keeping beautiful moments in our mind. Here’s the list of memories from Fest Festival 2021 that festival goers will never forget!

Ballon flight

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Fest Festival set the bar high when it comes to the attractions. Festival goers had the opportunity to see vibrant and colorful festival site from above and to admire landscape of Silesian Park and its neighborhood. There were so many people willing to go up as the tickets for ballon flight were sold out in less than an hour.


What would be a festival without a famous and friendly Instagram spot? Fest Festival have chosen a set with reflecting mirrors tilted to each other at different angle. Every day Kaleidoscope was the most visited attraction, which appealed hundred of people, who waited up to an hour to get a magical photo.


If you wanted to find your inner peace before the shows, Fest Festival prepared special place where you could relax under guideline of professional meditation masters. Yoga, stretching or psychedelic breath, which is a breathing session, to electronic music, combining the ancient art of Pranayama with modern discoveries in neuroscience, were ones of many activities that festival goers could attend in the morning. In addition, guest of the campsite also had a possibility to chill in the barrel saunas.

Foam Party

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Foam party lasted only two days, but had a plenty of admirers. Lot of young people gathered and threw foam to the rhythm of the music. It was the perfect solution to cool down during the hot festival day and another great possibility to get an Instagram photo.

Fans action during Aurora concert

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Young Norwegian singer Aurora took over the Silesia Stage during the first day of the festival. The wonderful singer opened up saying a few words about freedom, rainbow flags and emotional disorders. During the song ‘Cure For Me’ Polish fans prepared an action during which, when Aurora sang chorus ‘I don’t need a cure’, they raised sheets of paper with the “We don’t need a cure” caption.

Electronic world

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Large Dance Circle creates its own festival area, because it is secluded from the main area. The only way to access is it after a walk through the forest with lighted corridors. We feel like we enter another world-techno world. This year, there were four special stages with electronic music, which gathered fans, who danced until the morning. Each stage had other surrounding theme and music genre.

Artistic installations

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Imagine crossing a dark forest in the night and suddenly finding yourself under the installation with several hanging disco balls, lasers and people dancing around it. Fest Festival was full of surprising and artistic installations, which were located around the festival site. Festival really focused on the details, because wherever you looked, you could spot lightings, ribbons or decorations, which created incredible effect.

Kygo’s show

Photo: Martyna Frelich / Festileaks

Saturday’s headliner Kygo gathered the biggest crowd for a performance that lasted over an hour and a half. The audience lost themselves to dance during the biggest hits such as ‘It ain’t me’, ‘Stole the show’ or ‘Firestone’. Kygo performed new song ‘Freedom’ for the first time with the English singer Zak Abel. The show closed the festival with the fireworks display.

Fest Festival 2022

FEST Festival is a multi-genre music festival in Chorzów, Poland. The first edition in 2019 was already a great success with innovative stage designs, 24-hour party areas and a well-stocked line-up. Amongst others, Disclosure, Alan Walker, Metronomy, Jaden Smith and Little Dragon graced the bill. James Bay, Kygo and Paul Kalkbrenner were headliners of the 2021’s edition.

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