5 unforgettable moments at Global Citizen Paris


Global Citizen Live is an international event featuring over seventy artists from around the world. The NGO Global Citizen organises the show and aims to defend the values of equity, fight against poverty, among other much needed struggles. The event, held simultaneously with other cities around the world such as New York and Rio de Janeiro, offered many surprises. Here is a look back at the highlights of the Parisian evening.

Charlie Puth joins Elton John on stage

Charlie Puth is one of the special guests of this evening at Global Citizen in Paris. However, before he took the stage, his performance was still a complete mystery. Behind his piano, he joined Elton John for an intense musical moment. The two sing about true love with the duet ‘After All’.An emotional moment like there are few others. The two artists’ voices blend perfectly.  All this with the Eiffel Tower in the background. The track was released on September 22, 2021 and announces a new album for Elton John. We can’t wait to hear it live again, especially on the British singer’s farewell tour. 

A moving message from Elton John

Him again. Elton John cancelled his tour, but came to Global Citizen Live Paris. Between two songs, he talks about the importance of the NGO’s fights for him: « I have spent most of my life fighting the AIDS pandemic and we made great progress. For two reasons. One, we have always followed the science. Two: we put our arms around everyone to make sure that no one gets left behind. These same lessons apply equally to the COVID pandemic. When host of here today have been vaccinated against COVID, only 4% in Africa are. We must not leave anyone behind. » 

This message is conveyed by many of the speakers, including the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Through a video message, he intervenes just before Ed Sheeran’s concert. He announced that  « France commits to doubling the number of doses it is giving. We are going from 60 million to 120 million doses donated, which is more doses than we have given in our country to date. » 

Christine and the Queens, between show queen and activist

Talking about the French president, one artist has something to say to him tonight. During a short but intense concert in French and English, Christine sends a message from the Global Citizen’s stage to Macron: “Please, I am in France so I am French. Can we discuss the real issues that will make people feel loved and seen? Loved and seen. You cannot be loved if you are not seen, and you cannot be seen if you are not free. 

These words, full of mystery but also full of meaning, precede a cover of George Michael: ‘Freedom’. This track will appear on a forthcoming EP by the French artist. George Michael’s lyrics are clear and follow the same line: “I won’t let you down – I will not give you up – Gotta have some faith in the sound – It’s the one good thing that I’ve got – I won’t let you down – So please don’t give me up”.

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Festileaks Festivalvakantie 2022

This show is an exceptional surprise. Christine and the Queens performs with her backing singers in a very sober setting. Her dances are captivating and give an exceptional dimension to the songs she performs on stage. We can’t wait to see her again.

Transmissions from all over the world

While Paris dances to the tunes of the world’s greatest artists such as Doja Cat and Ed Sheeran, other cities were buzzing with music. Shortly after Elton John’s performance, we virtually travel to Seoul to applaud the band BTS in front of an iconic city gate. A few hours later, we go to Buenos Aires to applaud Lali

For twenty-four hours, the show continues around the globe. More than a dozen cities host between one and ten artists, for a show that travels around the world. With its Live Aid look, Global Citizen brings together more than seventy artists and tens of thousands of amazed spectators.

Fatma Said and Imagine by John Lennon

What would a charity concert be without legendary songs? John Lennon‘s Imagine has always been an ode to hope, and this is the case once again at Global Citizen on the Champ-de-Mars. 

Fatma Said is an Egyptian soprano and special guest in Global Citizen Paris. She has always sought to defend great causes. She has already represented her country on Human Rights Day at the United Nations in 2014 and in 2018.

This night, she performs twice. In her first appearance, under the gradually setting sun of Paris, she performs Imagine masterfully. The twenty thousand or so people in attendance, and probably many more online on YouTube, were enchanted by her lyrical climbs. The audience will remember the moment, for the impact of the song and its interpretation. 

Global Citizen Paris 2021
Global Citizen Paris 2021 – Sébastien Martinez / Festileaks
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