Rammstein plan to tour for three years with new album

Rammstein are planning to embark on a three-year tour. The tour will follow the release of their new album.

It has been 10 years since Rammstein released an album. But the dark era is over. Earlier this fall, they revealed that the new record is almost ready. Guitarist Paul Landers suggested that the album should be released in the spring of 2019.

Richard Kruspe said in an interview with United Rock Nations Radio, they will start mixing the new album next month. He also revealed that the Germans are planning a three-year tour in support of the record.

If you want to see them this year, they will play in Mexico for New Year’s Eve. But they also announced a European Stadium tour in the summer, including 18 countries.


Rammstein are a heavy metal band from Berlin formed in 1994. The band took its name from Ramstein airshow disaster that occurred in August 1988. Their debut album Herzleid was released in 1995 and received immediate positive reviews from the media. Since then the band has released five more albums. They also contributed to the development of a new subgenre within German hard rock and metal music known as the Neue Deutsche Härte.

Although the majority of their songs contain German lyrics, the group has performed at many major music festivals across the world. Rammstein remains one of the few heavy metal bands without any lineup changes through the years. During their live performances, the band uses many pyrotechnic elements and off-stage theatrics making them one of the best heavy metal live bands.

For more information, you can visit the band’s official website.