Weezer rock first Portuguese show in 17 years at NOS Alive 2019

After 17 years, Weezer are back in Portugal, taking their show to NOS Alive 2019. The Americans’ last and only Portuguese appearances date back to 2002, and Weezer are only playing 13 European dates this summer, so this was a rare and special occasion.

The L.A. band played an astonishing set on the main stage in the late afternoon. In little less than an hour Rivers Cuomo & Co. played their well known hits and a bunch of amazing covers.

The Concert

Weezer hit the ground running with ‘My Name Is Jonas’; Cuomo wearing a funny fishing hat was literally on fire. The concert went on with some other great songs such as ‘Beverly Hills’ and ‘Pork and Beans’. Then it was time for the first cover: ‘Happy Together’ by The Turtles made the crowd dancing and jumping everywhere. The band also played a-ha’s ‘Take On Me’ and the singalong ‘Africa’ by Toto; both songs had some technical issues but Weezer kept playing, even without electricity. ‘Island in the Sun’ was another great singalong. Cuomo appreciated this so much that he let the crowd sing the chorus alone. During the penultimate song, ‘Say It Ain’t So’ Cuomo threw away his hat, and then the whole NOS Alive crowd was ready for the last song, ‘Buddy Holly’. A real blast!

The Audience

Photo: Andrea Albrizio / Festileaks

The crowd sang all the songs from beginning to end, and seemed to appreciate the way the Weezer frontman interacted with the audience. People were jumping up and down throughout the concert, and during the harder songs there were some hints of mosh pits. The only downside was probably the short lenght of the concert, but the crowd enjoyed it anyway.

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Weezer are an American rock band from Los Angeles. At the moment, three of the founding members are playing in the group. Their albums Weezer and Pinkerton have been important and influential albums in the 90s and 00s alternative rock scene. In total, they have released more than 10 albums, ranging from alternative rock to power pop, pop punk and indie.

NOS Alive 2019

Photo: Arlindo Camacho

The twelfth edition of NOS Alive takes place at Passeio Maritimo De Algès in Lisbon from 11 to 13 July 2019. Since 2007, the festival has welcomed the biggest musical acts, and has become Portugal’s premier music festival. NOS Alive has now gained a global reputation as one of the very best festivals in the world. This year, The Cure, Vampire Weekend and Bon Iver are headlining, with The Smashing Pumpkins, The Chemical Brothers and more must-see artists also taking the stage.

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