Faith No More at Hellfest 2015: a festival concert to get you through the lockdown

Photo: Dustin Rabin

While many people around the world are stuck at home because of the coronavirus outbreak, we pass the time with an iconic performance by one of this summer’s festival headliners. Today we give you the concert of Faith No More at Hellfest 2015.

The American alternative metal band Faith No More have announced that they will be performing again this summer for the first time since 2016. The band was supposed to start the first leg of the tour in Australia. Nonetheless, it was recently confirmed that the shows were reschudeled for 2021 due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Until further notice, Faith No More will be performing this summer at various European festivals including Roskilde, Graspop, Mad Cool and NOS Alive among others.

Live at Hellfest 2015

In 2015, Faith No More released their seventh studio album Sol Invictus. This was the band’s first studio album since 1997, marking that way the longest gap between two studio albums in their career. To promote the release, the band also performed at some major European festivals. The band performed at Hellfest’s Main Stage 2 on the second day of the festival, right before Marilyn Manson headlined the same stage.

The setlist featured a variety of new and old songs including their famous cover of ‘Easy’, originally recorded by The Commodores. Their whimsical stage decor combined with a very energetic performance made their first performance at Hellfest very memorable. As a result, the band will be hopefully be headlining it this summer, together with Deftones and System of a Down.

You can see the entire performance below:

You can see also the setlist here:

Faith No More

Faith No More
Photo: Jimmy Hubbard

Faith No More are an American band formed in 1979. Following the release of their first album, We Care a Lot, they have occupied a special place in many metal and rock hearts. The band had several line-up changes in its early days. However, Faith No More became most famous after singer Mike Patton joined in 1988. Patton’s charismatic stage performance joined beautifully with the funky and experimental metal of the band. With 1989’s The Real Thing and 1992’s Angel Dust, the Californians released two classic albums. With singles like ‘Epic’ and ‘Midlife Crisis’, plus their cover of Commodores’ ‘Easy’, Faith No More have managed to attract a great following.

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