Why you should buy tickets for Colours of Ostrava 2021?

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Boy Janissen / Festileaks

Do you feel fed up with listening music on your headphones and do you wish to listen live music from the first row? Do you miss drinking beer at the festival site? Can’t you wait to set up a tent at camping site? If you answer these questions with three times yes, we prepared the best solution for you.

With the whole coronavirus situation going on, you might think that buying a ticket for the summer festival is not a good idea. There is a chance that it could be postponed or cancelled. Festivals might not be the safest places at the moment. But there are many reasons why it is a good opportunity and Festileaks will try to convince you. 

Help the festival survive

Festivals try harder and harder not to postpone upcoming festival editions. There are rumours despite that coronavirus be still with us, festivals will take place with special conditions. Many agencies said they cannot imagine another summer canceling festivals. Without help from the festivalgoers they might not survive next summer without hosting a festival. Buying a ticket will give them faith and strength to work hard on creating the festival.

Decent lineup

Even if a full line-up is not still released, there are artists that are worth mentioning. Most festivals try to move its 2020 line-up to next year. If you considered going last year, you need to go this year, because Colours of Ostrava didn’t forget about previous performers. Twenty One Pilots, The Killers, LP and Martin Garrix, who were last years headliners, will perform at the 2021 edition! The Czech festival also brings The Lumineers, Meute, Black Pumas and Dubioza kolektiv from last edition.

Cut the ticket expenses

Do you feel like if a festival got postponed or cancelled, you won’t get you money back? Don’t worry! A lot of festivals will refund your money or give you a voucher if the festival happens to be cancelled again. But, many festival will try to keep you by giving special discounts or the opportunity to buy tickets during the pre-sale for the next edition. The tickets for Colours of Ostrava 2020 remained valid for 2021, but you could ask for reimbursement. When you buy ticket now for 2021 and the festival (hopefully not) get postponed/cancelled, you will still save some money, because ticket for 2022 will be more expensive than 2021. For example, for four-day pass in 2020 you need to pay CZK 2690 (€111,-), when in 2021 for the same pass is CZK 2990 (€125,-).

Great Christmas present

While Christmas is approaching, it’s a perfect time to think about buying a present! For festival enthusiast giving the festival ticket is the best option. You don’t need to stroll around shops, because you can buy it via e-shop. If you buy two physical four-day tickets until 18th of December 2020, you are gifted a pack with tickets, gift pockets and two Colours of Ostrava 2020 Collector’s Tapes – a Festival that the world has never seen before. Now, you can buy four-day pass for CZK 2 990 (aprox. €125,-) or one-day ticket for CZK 2190 (aprox. €92).

So don’t wait, be your own Santa Claus and buy festival tickets!

Colours of Ostrava 2021

Colours of Ostrava
Photo: Luc Reij / Festileaks

Colours of Ostrava was first held in 2002. Since then, the festival has become the biggest festival in the Czech Republic. It has a capacity of 30,000 people and features performers from all major popular music genres as well as avant-garde and world music. Many well-known artists such as Iggy Pop & The Stooges, Jamiroquai and alt-J have performed in previous years. The festival also offers discussions, theatre performances, films and workshops as well as art activities. The 19th edition of the festival will cover 24 stages and offer 450 programme items.

  • Location: Dolní Vítkovice, Czech Republic.
  • Date: 14-17 July 2021.
  • Tickets: four-day pass from CZK 2 990 (aprox. €125)
  • For more information, visit the official website.
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Colours of Ostrava 2024

Ostrava, Tsjechië
Datum 17-20 juli 2024
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