Hinds: what to know about the Spanish band

Photo: Salva Lopez

Hinds is a Spanish band from Madrid formed by four women. It is a very relevant band and very strong in the indie-rock scene in Spain. They performed at some European festivals and acted as supporting group for some big European bands; this is why they are internationally known.

The group was born in 2011 as a duo named “Deers”, formed by Carlotta Cosials and Ana Garcia Perrote, but they received a report from a Canadian band with a similar name and decided to change it. After the fisrt release Demo, they became the formation we know now, with the incorporation of Ade Martin and Amber Grimbergen. By then, the band had only released their very first singles on Bandcamp. Today, Hinds have released three albums: Leave Me Alone (2016), I Don’t Run (2018) and The Prettiest Curse (2020). Some of their most popular songs are ‘The Club’, ‘Good Bad Times’ and ‘Riding Solo’. Along the years, the band have received a lot of positive reviews from Pitchfork, Pigeons and Planes, DIY, and more.

The British “Lucky Number”, their record label

In June 2014, Lucky Number released “Demo” as a vinyl limited edition. They work with the Spanish band since then, releasing three albums and reaching good positions on UK charts such as #47 with Leave Me Alone and #77 with I Don’t Run. Lucky Number is an independent record label working with Keith, Gotye, Middle Kids and Sunflower Bean among others. It was definitely very positive for Hinds to work with the British record label. It has helped the band expand their music through Europe, Asia and USA. Festivals, tours and international media talking about them complete their success.

Hinds with The Vaccines, The Libertines and The Strokes

Even though Hinds are at the front of the indie-rock scene in Spain, they are also internationally known. The Spanish foursome has also been the supporting band for model groups like The Vaccines, Black Lips, The Strokes and The Libertines, some of the bands they admire. They even joked about retiring after supporting their very loved bands. “We sometimes make the joke that we created Hinds to meet our heroes, and in this case it’s finally happening, so we can quit after this tour!” Said Ana. Obviously, that’s it, a joke, since they are just meeting success.

Touring USA, UK, Thailand and more

Since Hinds signed with Lucky Number, the Spanish band has experienced nothing else but success. They have toured around the globe visiting the USA, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Thailand and more countries to promote their albums. They performed headline shows but not only. The Spanish band was also the supporting band for the groups mentioned in the past paragraph in United Kingdom, France, Germany and more. In addition, Hinds also performed at Best Kept Secret (the Netherlands), Dot To Dot (United Kingdom), Glastonbury (United Kingdom), Pitchfork (France) and FIB (Spain), other major festivals in Europe, and Burgerama in the United States.

Next festivals for Hinds

Fans from this Spanish band will be delighted to know that Hinds are joining the lineups of some relevant festivals around the world. Outside Lands Music Festival in the USA in August, Fuji Rock Festival in Japan also in August, BBK Live in Spain in July and Conexion Valladolid also in Spain in June are the ones confirmed for the moment.

Keep an eye on their Social Networks and wait for the next confirmations for the summer. Hinds are already preparing themselves to perform. If you are asking yourself ‘Will tourists be able to come to Spain this summer?‘ check this article to get the info. Discover if you will have the chance to enjoy Hinds performing at any Spanish festival.