Smaller festivals you need to discover in Slovakia

EXIT Festival 2019
Photo: Lotte Spek Photography

Spring is the time when you plan your festivals, buy first tickets and slowly start anticipating for the summer. Even now, when your desire to party and to listen live music is much stronger than you, consider smaller festivals, that might take place during the summer, when restrictions will be lower.

Festivals and organizers work as hard as they can to provide this years edition. The reality is disappointing as more and more of the biggest festivals are cancelled or postponed. This is a list of lesser known festival that are more likely to take place, in the beautiful Slovakia.

1- Uprising Festival

Uprising Festival became an inseparable part of summer for Slovakia and its neighbouring countries. Uprising, which started in 2008, grew into one of the biggest reggae festival in the region. The festival is in the Top 40 European festivals and its international fanbase is steadily growing every year.

One of the biggest advantages of the Zlaté piesky location is the natural lake with its offer of boat and water bikes rental and wakeboarding tow. During the two days of the festival, there is a number of activities that you can try -sport tournaments, dancehall and capoeira workshop, yoga & sound healing sessions or discussions, stand-ups, short movies and creative workshops. Despite being called a reggae festival, Uprising is far from being monothematic. The festival proposes a variety of genres ranging from reggae, dancehall, ska, latino or hiphop to dub, dubstep, ragga-jungle & dnb, which are presented on four main stages and a number of smaller ones.


  • Location: Zlate Piesky, Bratislava, Slovakia
  • Date: 27 – 28 August 2021
  • Tickets: two-day pass from €45
  • For more information, visit the office website.

2- Trident Festival

Trident Festival is a music festival in Duchonka, Slovakia dedicated almost entirely to drum and bass. The festival was supposed to celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2020, but the party was postponed for 2021. The Slovakian festival discovers promising newcomers and domestic talent, which will later be spotted even at international festivals. Trident’s speciality isn’t in doubt as they say, their task is to keep festivalgoers heart rate at a maximum for three days straight.

As the organizers can’t imagine another summer without Trident parties, the festival is checking other alternatives for meetings during the summer, where festivalgoers could meet up to a capacity of 1000 people. The festival would have four stages on the small area nearby the Duchonka lake. What is suprising, one of the stage will be in the camp area, so the music is all around you all the time.

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3- SunDance Festival

The first SunDance Festival edition took place in 2008 and lasted only one day. The Slovakian festival developed over the years and changed the location. During the years of the festival, its attendance increases and it is visited by an audience from all over Slovakia, who liked the connection between the festival and summer recreation by the water on the beach, confirming its popularity and stability.

After 13 years of development, SunDance Festival has one main and three smaller stages, three days of party with over a 40 DJs and even a Party Boat! The festival grounds has over 12 000 m2 around the water reservoir to party. The site is just above the public beach, which is available as a tent town during the festival. The Lúč resort also offers various sports and recreational activities such as tennis courts, motor boat cruises, pedal boats and others, which visitors like to use during the festival.


  • Location: Zemplinská Šírava stredisko Lúč, Vinné, Slovakia
  • Date: 22 – 25 July 2021
  • Tickets: not announced yet
  • For more information, visit the office website.
I'm Martyna and I'm 22 years old law student living in Poland. My journey with music started in 2011. Since then music has begun to be a huge part of my life. My biggest dream is to create my own festival from scratch. I listen to all kinds of music, but rock will be always in my heart.