Dijon : not only the city of mustard, hosts VYV Festival


Dijon is a city in the East of France, close to German and Swiss borders. For its second edition, the city hosts the VYV Festival, which takes place from 2 to 6 September 2021. We all know the city for its famous and unique French mustard. Did you know that the city has a way much more to offer? Just take a train from Paris and you will be there in less than two hours. Then, you will have a wonderful view of French countryside. Let’s discover it!

Its architecture

Dijon has a lot to offer with architecture. When you leave the train station toward the festival, you cannot miss the mythic Dijon’s cathedral, one of the biggest sights in the city. It is called Saint-Bénigne de Dijon. Then, you will probably stumble upon a triumphal arch, another symbol of the city. 

As it looks complicated to drive in the city, you will have a lot of time to have a walk in the typical streets that really represents a French architecture. For example, East of France is famous for some colorful roofs, especially the ones in Colmar that is very close to Dijon. Coming to VYV is an unique opportunity to discover this great region of France.

Food and wine

You might know Dijon for being the city of making mustard. Did you know that there is a lot of food to taste here, like the Coq au Vin (you can remember this from Ratatouille’s movie). In VYV, some food trucks will make you have a tip of the food specialties. We met a place that has delicious « Oeufs Meurette » that you can enjoy while you see Parov Stelar or Asaf Avidan on stage.

Oeufs Meurette
Oeufs Meurette, the must try in VYV Festival – © Morgane Joubioux for Festileaks

La Combe à la Serpent

Let’s remind that coming to the festival by car is not possible, which is even better option, because you will have to leave your car in the center of Dijon, take a free shuttle and discover some of the great landscapes around the city, when the sun goes down. The festival is held in a place called « La Combe à la Serpent » that has its whole history along the years. Even if it’s only five to ten minutes in bus from Dijon’s center, you will feel like you are in the middle of the woods, which is the perfect place for a festival. 

When you enter the VYV’s place, you will fell like you are in the middle of nowhere, ready to enjoy during the whole afternoon a great festival with a lot of French and international artists.

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Festileaks Festivalvakantie 2022

VYV Festival 2021

VYV is a festival that takes place in Dijon, in 2021 for its second edition. Before being VYV, it was called the VYV Les Solidarités (the solidarities). There, you will find a lot of places to take action for solidarity. In only two editions, the festival hosted artists like Asaf Avidan, Parov Stelar, Sebastian, Charlie Winston, Dropkick Murphys, or even Charlotte Gainsbourg

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