Parcours Solidaire: how VYV puts solidarity first

Crowd at VYV Festival, by Morgane Joubioux, edited by Sébastien Martinez

France has a lot of festivals that put solidarity first in their values as a theme. VYV Festival took place from 2 to 5 September 2021 and it is a perfect example of an event that takes the solidarity aspect seriously. It’s a workplace where you can think. Apart from the shows, a lot of activities allow the festival goers to strengthen their sense of social solidarity. Let’s take a look at all the ways to develop these skills at the VYV Festival.

Conferences and talks

During the four days of VYV Festival, a lot of talks and conferences happens where festival goers can attend as well as share their experience. A place here is called «Friche aux idées», which literally means «Wasteland of ideas». There, you can attend up to 10 conferences to open your mind, and learn good action at the festival.

VYV Festival: Friche aux idées
Friche aux idées at VYV Festival – Sébastien Martinez for Festileaks

For example, on Thursday 2 September, the first conference’s name is «The new face of mode: towards a responsible consumption». It invites festival goers to share their ideas about modern solutions for instance how not to be all the time on screens, how to help poor children or how to reduce alimentary waste… Highly current subjects and talks are meant to have an impact on festival goers to make sure they leave the festival with new ideas.

Moreover, the festival is surrounded by mini spaces allocated to local charities and organisations. Visitors can learn how to spot the wildlife, test their football skills as a disabled person or try out a capsule bed on their way to the food stands – undoubtedly the most popular part of each festival after the stage.

A project beyond the usual music festival

A lot of people at VYV Festival really enjoyed these talks and activities. According to the festival director, Pierre Clément, more than 30 social initiatives participated at the event this year. This number is very similar to 2019, even if there is only one stage this year due to the pandemic. Talking about it, as the director reminds, VYV aims to bring solutions. Between concerts and the fostering of social initiatives, is indeed a solution on its own way.

By the way: ex French President François Hollande came to the festival that takes place in Dijon. The former president, François Holland, is the chair of the organisation «La France s’engage» (France commits). He came to represent this organisation and talk about social innovation.

Have a look at the festival map: there is so many places to be!

France, ground of socially engaged festivals?

France hosts a great events dedicated to solidarity. Solidays is the perfect event, which is trying to make the world a better place with great values. This Parisian festival gives all their benefits to fights against AIDS. Then, we can talk about the Fête de l’Humanité, other Parisian event that exists since 1930, which focuses on more political values. Behind Paris borders, we can name as many, including Terre du Son, an environmentally and socially engaged festival created 16 years ago.

VYV Festival

Crowd at VYV Festival, by Morgane Joubioux, edited by Sébastien Martinez

VYV is a festival that takes place in Dijon, in 2021 for its second edition. The first name of the festival was VYV Les Solidarités (the solidarities), before taking the name VYV Festival. There, you will find a lot of places to take action for solidarity. In only two editions, the festival hosted artists like Asaf Avidan, Parov Stelar, Sebastian, Charlie Winston, Dropkick Murphys, or even Charlotte Gainsbourg