7 Cool non-musical activities to enjoy at Mad Cool 2019

Photo by Victoria Balasoiu //

Mad Cool 2019 is all about the music but there’s also many other mad cool things to do (excuse the pun) as you’re waiting for your favorite acts. Below, we’ve put together a list of adventurous and funny things to try out at Mad Cool.

You will find out more about the festival’s Wonder Wheel, getting your clothes patched, and the Mad Cool Art tent, among others.

Bumper cars

For the more adventurous, not far from the entrance, you can find and take a ride in a bumper car. It’s quite the arena complete with all the usual lights, animation, and fun you usually find at this carny attraction. You can find it all in the #vibramahou space.

Mad Cool Art

Mad Cool
Photo by Victoria Balasoiu //

You can explore more than just one of your artistic sides at Mad Cool. For example, in between gigs, you can visit the festival’s art gallery.

The Spanish festival is really serious about its visual arts program as its set up Mad Cool Art specially for this. This is a specially designated tent that holds mural and graffiti-making activities and a photography show, to name just a few. You can find out more about it in one of our next pieces.

Patch it up

Levi’s set up a stand that let’s you patch up your clothes, 90’s style. The perfect way to invoke some retro charm for this artistic festival.

The Wonder Wheel

Already an emblem in itself, the Wonder Wheel is one of the first things you’ll see as you are approaching the festival. It starts running almost as soon as the festival starts, and the views from up top will be worth it.

The food

Mad Cool 2019 announced that it would set up 16 food stands and 11 food trucks. These offer options for all tastes, dietary preferences and requirements, as well as nationalities. You can find vegetarian, vegan, and bio options. All food trucks and stands display allergens and traces info too. Take your pick from Iberic, Italian, Indian, Mexican, American, or German dishes, among others.

Time to cool off

It’s all about having fun at the festival so remember to keep hydrated and take care of yourselves. What better way to stay cool is there? So don’t forget to visit the cool off and hydration points.


Mad Cool is in close vicinity to Madrid’s largest urban park. The Parque Forestal de Valdebebas, on its full name, spreads over 840 acres and is considered a scenic attraction. Its overlook is also the perfect place from which to snap a photo.

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Mad Cool 2019

Mad Cool is an annual festival that takes place in Madrid, Spain. Only at its fourth edition, it has nonetheless quickly gained international recognition. This year, it is headlined by The National, The Cure, and Bon Iver. Acts like Disclosure, Tash Sultana, American Authors, Greta Van Fleet, The 1975, and many more are preforming as well. The festival also organized a Welcome Party on July 10. This day will feature Bring Me the Horizon, Rosalía, The Cat Empire, Lykke Li, and more.

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