Discover five unreleased Big Thief songs

Photo: Michael Buishas

Big Thief published a video of Adrianne Lenker performing a new song, ‘Simulation Warm’. Throughout the years, the American quatuor has never been shy of performing unreleased songs in concert. Some become studio versions, while others stay in the shadow for die-hard fans to enjoy. Here are our five favorites.

It is actually the second time we hear this next piece: a few weeks ago, Adrianne Lenker included it in a solo livestream. It’s a great news for the fans, as it may indicate that the next album is close.

Simulation Swarm

On Thursday February 18, Big Thief published a video of Adrianne Lenker playing, with the caption “new song, simulation warm / march 2020 capture, still working on this one”. After playing it in her Bandsintown stream, it is nice to know that it will be released with the full band. And nice is an understatement, as the song is majestic. It feels like it never stops, we can’t put our guard down while listening to it. Adrianne keeps going and going until the instrumental crescendo at the very end. Perhaps it sounds a little bit like ‘Not’.


Another one that we only heard once before, at the band’s very last show on 11 March 2020, in Copenhagen, Denmark. They were scheduled to play two shows, but the second one was cancelled because of new public health restrictions, and that was it for their tour. Back to ‘Bruiser’: a typical Big Thief song. The highlights are the instrumental bridge at 2:58 – really otherworldly – and the passion in Adrianne’s voice. One of their best, and that’s only from a fan-filmed video!

Spud Infinity

‘Spud Infinity’ has been around longer and performed many times. The song is catchy and Adrianne succeeds in holding us spellbound with ease, thanks to her storytelling. The lyrics are some of her best, radiant of loveliness: “From way down here it looks so small / From up there it looks so small / One peculiar organism, aren’t we all together“…

Time Escaping

When ‘Time Escaping’ starts, you are on a cloud. The melody is nice, Adrianne’s voice is at its sweetest, it feels like a feel-good song. It is, but not only. When James Krivchenia starts on the drums, you know that it’s just another level. So different than a regular drum line, but blending without pretention. Then Adrianne sweetens her voice even more to sing “Time Escaping”, and it’s the final signature of a masterpiece.

Untitled Big Thief song

We are lucky to have SuperSpurrs in Copenhagen to give us nice footage of every Big Thief show. This one is different than the others. And not because it doesn’t have a title yet. ‘Untitled’ is somber and melancholic. A face-to-face experience with music, ending with a haunting instrumental. Again, Adrianne in all her splendor.

Big Thief

Big Thief
Photo: Michael Buishas

Big Thief is an indie-folk band from Brooklyn, New York. They released four great albums in three years: Masterpiece, Capacity, U.F.O.F. and Two Hands. Praised by the media, the scene and with a loyal fanbase, they only have room to grow. Especially if these songs are indicative of what to expect. Other unreleased songs include but are not limited to ‘Dried Roses‘, ‘Sparrow‘, ‘Branches‘. And here are our five reasons why Big Thief is the best festival act.