Discover the most exciting French artists of tomorrow

Big events like ceremonies are the occasion to discover new artists and expect them at festivals. The Brit Awards are a good example, but France also has their own ceremonies. On 12 February, France celebrates the Victoires de la Musique, which might present new revelations.

Who could be the new artists at French festivals in 2021? Festivals are getting optimistic and preparing their next editions. Apart from the headliners, some smaller ones are good to discover. The Victoires de la Musique are a good example to see what might happen at the French events. Here is a list of some that an international audience could like in French-speaking territories. And great news: this year is providing a lot of female singers that really move the country.

Aya Nakamura

Aya Nakamura is not a new discovery for anyone now. The singer already played at most of the festivals in France and she is ready for some of them in 2021. She was supposed to perform at Coachella last year. Furthermore, the musician from Mali had a song on the famous Spanish Netflix Show “Elite”, and more recently, she released a feature with Stormzy. Yes, Stormzy. If all goes well, it is possible to see her at bigger international events. Why not Sziget Festival? Aya Nakamura is nominated as a Female Artist. By the way, she headlined one of the biggest festivals in France, les Vieilles Charrues. Just under Iggy Pop.

Vieilles Charrues 2019


This guy moved all of France with his pop music. We discovered Hervé in 2019 with an iconic participation at Mama Festival. Then, he should have had a concert at the Olympia, mythical stage in Paris. Hervé still does not have a big tour at French festivals so he might be our new star this year. He is nominated as a Male Revelation, and got the Victoire for it.


Once again, this is a great year in France for great women. Yseult is one of these charismatic singers that attracts the whole audience with a very personal style. She plays with her personality, proudly accepts her body and creates great and powerful songs. She was announced at some events like Vieilles Charrues in 2020, so she might be a serious option for 2021. Don’t miss it! Yseult is nominated at the Victoires de la Musique as a Female Revelation and for Original Song with “Corps”.

She won the Victoire as a “Feminine Revelation”, and says during the night that “the road is still long for black girls and fat girls”. With that song and her personality, she brings a strong message for every person that could be ashamed of their bodies. Yas girl!


Her pop songs bring great energy and every lyric has a strong and current message. With a style that could be compared to Stromae’s, Suzane is one of the biggest revelations in the last two years. Moreover, she is the artist that has the biggest number of shows at French festivals in 2019. Therefore, some festivals are still expecting her with her album’s new edit. She is nominated as Female Artist and Revelation on Stage.

Heuss l’Enfoiré

France is known to bring a lot of rappers. Heuss L’Enfoiré had the biggest number of streams in France in 2020. No nomination needed at Victoires de la Musique, he already killed the game, reaching more than 100 million streams. France loves him, France loves his energy. 2021 might be his year again with a potential tour through French festivals. For example, he could be one of the headliners at events like Solidays Festival, a festival that changes the world. Wait and see. But, above all, don’t miss it. He is a performer!

This year, because of governmental measures in France, national artists will fill most of the line-ups in te country. Therefore, some of them could be the new ones to follow on the next few year.

France usually creates international stars like Jain or Christine and the Queens – that now has a duo with the iconic band Indochine. Across the border, Belgium is strong too with Angele or Stromae. Over the last years, both won prizes at the Victoires de la Musique. These artists might be among the biggest names at French festivals in 2021. If you come from abroad, don’t think twice and discover them. They really can be an experience.

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