Solidays 2021: the festival that’s reserved for caregivers

Solidays 2018 - © Raphaëlle Poisot
Solidays 2018 – © Raphaëlle Poisot

Because of the COVID situation, Solidays in 2021 as we originally know it was one of the first festivals to cancel in France. The event should have taken place from 18 to 20 June 2021. Instead, there will be a special edition this year. On 4 July, there will be a replacement, “unexpected, free and reserved to women and men that work in the health sector. About ten artists are expected”.

What the line-up will be?

Solidays is unique for its values and positive vibes. All the benefits always go to the fight against HIV. Solidays 2021 might follow the same mission, but this year, it will be organized for everyone who helped improve the situation, taking care of us every day since more than fifteen months.

Around 10 artists should perform. Most probably, the lineup will be composed by French artists that already are on tour in other casino utan spelpaus locations. Why not having Suzane, for example ? The french artist is on her way for a big success, and was planned for the original version of the festival, both in 2020 and 2021. For the same reason, Justice could be in charge of closing the night, or maybe just Gaspard Augé, half of the electro duo, who is releasing his first solo album.

Looking at Vieilles Charrue’s line up, it would not be a surprise to see artists like Bon Entendeur, L’Impératrice, or Vianney.

How to attend Solidays 2021

Soildays is a festival that really tries to change the world for the better. And they actually do! Every edition is unique and thrilling. Therefore, this year will have a special taste. This edition will take place thanks to “Solidays partners“. To participate, the caregivers should register at before Sunday 20 June 2021. Then, through a random draw, they might win invitations for two, to attend the very special event.

Of course, every person to come to the event will have to present a “Sanitary Pass” (Pass Sanitaire) to attest that they don’t have COVID-19. This can be justified by a complete cycle of vaccination (two doses + 14 days), a negative PCR or antigenic, or a positive PCR that could justify the person is cured from COVID. This Sanitary Pass will be the norm in France at least until 30 September for every event that host more than 1000 persons.

Solidays 2018
Solidays 2018 © Raphaëlle Poisot

What are the rules in France at the moment ?

Since Thursday 18 June, wearing a mask in outside places is not mandatory even if it is recommended. Moreover, Sunday 20 June will mark the end of one of the largest curfews in Europe. Meanwhile, some events are still taking place following procedures.

If 1000 persons or more are expected at a festival, they should provide the aforementioned Sanitary Pass. Then, festivals will be allowed to have a public even if they stands up.

Thanks to those rules, some events like Solidays, Vieilles Charrues or Nuits Sonores in Lyon will go ahead in 2021. Unfortunately, laws were different even two months ago. Allowing people to get up is a new law declared at the end of June. For this reason, most of the festivals got to cancel some months ago.

As the sanitary situation is getting better, we should hope that France will maintain this flexibility regarding the new rules.


Born in a 14m2 studio in the mind of two students ready to change the world, Solidays festival is not a festival like the other ones”. With this sentence the presentation of Solidays starts. The festival takes place in the Hippodrome de Longchamp in Paris, the same location as Lollapalooza. “Born on sharing and help values, it feeds the minds, wakes consciences, brings together the people. Year after year, it allows people to develop what best they have in mind”.

Solidays is a place of liberty created by a non profit organisation. Every year, some big artists like Robbie Williams, Macklemore, Die Antwoord or Parov Stelar come to Paris to celebrate life, love and music. Most of the people that are working for the festival are volunteers and participate on the creation of the magnificent event.

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Solidays 2019

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