Delta Festival: French artists not to miss

Worakls show
Worakls on stage – Authorised by his agency

Delta Festival is THE place to be this summer in France. The big festival takes place in Marseille, South of the country, from 27th to 29th August 2021. Since 90.000 festival goers are attending the festival during three days, it is one of the biggest events that goes ahead this summer in Europe. Delta Festival hosts the best international DJs like Bakermat, Jeff Mills or Bob Sinclar. Therefore, some French ones can not be missed.

Here it is the list of some French artists that you can’t miss at Delta Festival.

I Hate Models: the sound of far techno

Is I Hate Models a must know? Do Europe already know him? Actually, we do not know a lot about him. The French artist was already planned to play at Sziget Festival in 2020 and was already a reference for some other artists at the Hungarian Festival. For example, Man + Machine is an Hungarian artist that played at the Sziget‘s Colloseum in 2019. He says: “If you listen to that music, you can hear that is a cool thing, and you can say: it’s a I hate Model’s track”. His sound is deep, strong, powerful, and represents everything we are looking for in Techno music.

This artist is an example of those that “wear a mask” before Covid started. At this link you can discover his show at the Nuits Sonores in Lyon, in 2019. Get ready for a musical slap.

Acid Arab

Do you imagine mixing oriental music with electronic music? Acid Arab did, and for that they really are pioneers on their musical style. They will be performing for almost two hours on the Colisée stage. The band is originally a duo, but since 2017 three musicians play with them on stage. Some songs like ‘La Hafla’ represent very well how great they are and can give an idea of what to expect on stage.

Europeans: they will probably play in your city. They are known for being one of the French artists that play the most abroad. Have a look on their show for Circle in 2017!


Here is the king of mixing classical and electronic music. His album Orchestra is legendary and makes you feel you are in another planet. On stage, the experience is thrilling and unforgettable. He offers three different versions of his own show: by himself on DJ Set, with a musician or with a whole orchestra. At Delta Festival, we are going to see Worakls², so with his musician.

Worakls has an audience above the borders. In 2019, he played during a boat party at Sziget Festival. In 2021, he plays in Russia, England, Poland (he was at the Fest Festival: have you read the article about it?) or even Ukraine. And of course, he has a lot of concerts in France, like at the Delta Festival.

Have a look on how amazing Worakls Orchestra is:

Polo & Pan

Polo & Pan is the duo that makes you want to enjoy the Sun in the French Riviera… And that’s exactly what they are going to do. Some of their songs are already massive hits, they played Coachella and Sziget in 2019, just to quote those two events. Of course, they have a huge fanbase in a lot of countries. Their new single “Ani Kuni” is literally a hit all around the world. For sure you heard it. If you did not, for sure you will have a chance to hear it, maybe even on stage.


Thylacine’s name comes from a marsupial that does not exist anymore since the 1930s. But his talent is for real. Thylacine is a traveller that creates EPs and albums with concrete topics that actually are… places. His first album Transsiberian was released in 2015, and guess where it was made… Yes, in the real Transsiberian. All the sounds you can hear from this album are actual sounds from the train. Who else makes incredible music this way? One of his last works was a music integrally made in Versaille’s castle, with instruments he found there. What an original way to create!

On stage, Thylacine is impressive and mixes his music with saxophone that he manages so well. He has another album to present at the Delta Festival: he made versions of classical masterpieces, like Beethoven tracks. We can’t wait to see him (again!)

Mark Höffen

Electronic music has something on it that helps artists mixing it with other styles or topics. With Mark Höffen, we feel that there is something almost cinematic. And that’s not a random fact: the French artist has the will to give this thing to his music. Moreover, he comes from a jazz and classical background, that we can feel on some of his tracks like in “Oph”. Actually, he tours a lot with Worakls, and even shares some songs like Worakl’s “Hortari” that he remixes. Another one not to miss on stage!

Even if you did not made it to Delta Festival, for sure there are artists you now need to know, and to see on stage. Most of them are already on tour, so get ready!