Is Delta Festival one of the biggest parties this summer?

Pernod Ricard France's Stage
Pernod Ricard France’s Stage – Taken by Sébastien Martinez for Festileaks

Delta festival is an event held in Marseille, South of France. It takes place from August 27th to 30th. Apart from a wonderful line up, the festival that calls itself the “First event for students in Europe” offers a bunch of activities to make sure festival goers do not forget the experience. Let’s have a look at the activities that make the difference.

An amazing electronic music line up

Delta Festival attracts with a different and strong line-up. Some French artists that play at Delta will be on tour in Europe and you should not miss them. There are more than 110 possibilities of concerts. So, you can dance at Hilight Tribe, Trym, Sam Paganini, Angerfist, Cassie Raptor and Malaa‘s shows.

The festival is an exception in France, especially because of a line-up with mostly electronic artists. Of course, there is a few events like Fest Festival in Poland, or even Exit in Serbia. Therefore, they are not a lot.

Every stage has a different style and a different story. For example, the Main Stage is called “Woodstock” while another one represents a colosseum. The DJ plays in the middle of it. Then, on the … stage, the artists play in the middle of a gigantic triangle that could represent the Delta.

Have a better look at the line up!

Pernod Ricard France's Stage
Pernod Ricard France’s Stage – Taken by Sébastien Martinez for Festileaks

A main theme to make this edition unique

Even if the theme could have been developed a better way, the French event has a theme that gives its name to the mainstage: Woodstock. The festival goers could come with their best outfits and feel like they are back to those times of freedom. Moreover, it was close to the beach, mountains in the background. Are we in the 1960s, or maybe before COVID? Indeed, with a few face masks and so many people, Delta festival has a taste of life before COVID.

Colosseum's Stage
Colosseum Stage at Delta Festival – Sébastien Martinez for Festileaks

A bunch of activities to enjoy

The biggest party for students in Europe has some reasons to be. Between two concerts you do not want to miss, you can enjoy different activities like getting married with your friends, having a great make-up or playing games with your friends. You can also find different villages, like the “village des possibles” where you can get help to find the job of your dreams. Then, you can get lost on a labyrinth, enjoy the kiss cam at the Main Stage or play on teams to represent your city against another one. Well, there are more than 200 possibilities of having fun at Delta Festival.

Delta Festival 2021

Delta Festival's Main Stage
Delta Festival’s Main Stage – Taken by Sébastien Martinez for Festileaks

The Delta Festival is an event that takes place in the Plages du Prado in Marseille since 2015, generally in July. In 2021, due to the sanitary conditions, it has to happen at the end of August. This event, is one of the biggest festivals to take place in France the same year with around 90.000 festival goers in three days. Delta Festival invites electronic (but not only artists) such as Bob Sinclar, Étienne de Crécy, Purple Disco Machine, Madeon, Angerfist or Hilight Tribe. The event already looks forward and will invite Sean Paul, Carl Cox, Vini Vici or Deborah de Luca in 2022.

For more information, you can visit their website.

Regular price in 2021: 150€