‘M83 to release a new album soon’

Photo: Kamiel Scholten / Festileaks

French electronic act M83 have announced on Instagram that the band will release an album “soon”. Their last album, Junk, came out in 2016.

M83 is the brainchild of French artist Anthony Gonzalez, who is now based in Los Angeles. After the Junk tour, he has stayed active on Instagram: posting pictures of his hometown, family, and him rooting for France during the football World Cup. He also composed and was musical director of Cirque du Soleil’s touring show – Volta.

While the Junk tour ended in December 2016, the band has been active. They had an exclusive concert at Los Angeles in August 2017, and contributed to the original soundtrack of ‘Knife + Heart’, a movie by Anthony’s brother Yann, alongside Nicolas Fromageau, who co-founded the band and left in 2004.

Indeed, Junk didn’t receive the critical acclaim and commercial success of Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. But some people liked it, and it gave the next album even more importance.”

You can see the post below, with the announcement in the comments:


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