If you haven’t heard from C. Tangana before, his new album ‘El Madrileño’ is a good excuse to step in

C. Tangana
Premios Goya 2019

For those who don’t know C. Tangana: he is one of the most popular Spanish artists at the moment. You may know him for Antes de morirme Ft. Rosalia or Tu me dejaste de querer, his last successful single. El Madrileño, as he is called, has more than 8 million streams in Spotify, a new album release today, and he has performed at Arenal Sound (Spain), Lollapalooza (Chile and Argentina), Primavera Sound (Spain) and La Solar Festival (Colombia).

As you can guess from his nickname, C. Tangana is rapper from Madrid. He started his career as a singer in 2005 as ‘Crema’, becoming very popular in the underground scene. But the definitive moment of success was when he released Agorazein with the group with the same name in 2008. In 2011, the artist was reborn as C. Tangana, making a few changes about his music style, clothing and attitude. The rapper released 3 albums since he started with the new nickname, but it was in 2016 when C. Tangana made a collaboration with Rosalía and put his name on the spot. Everyone was talking about this ‘new’ artist, including the media.

Since then, El Madrileño has taste nothing but fame and success. He has collaborated with Dellafuente, Natti Natasha, Becky G, Nicky Jam, Sticky M.A and more. Some of his most popular singles are Mala Mujer, Booty and Demasiadas mujeres. El Madrileño also made his debut as an actor in a film about the Bataclan attack. Have a look at his Instagram profile to find out more about him.

El Madrileño, new album

Today, C. Tangana released his last album emphasizing his nick name: El Madrileño. Pop, rock, trap, flamenco and Spanish folklore is what you can find in this new LP. Probably the perfect combination and his best work so far. He has collaborated with Toquinho, La Hungara, Ed Maverick, Gipsy Kings and much more. Whatever he does, it turns into a hit. This album is an absolute milestone, creating a stir a few days before its release. Everyone is crazy about this new work. Until now, ‘Tu me dejaste de querer‘ has reached more than 88M views on YouTube. Three days before releasing the album, he published ‘Hong Kong‘ Ft. Andres Calamaro and ‘Nominao‘ Ft. Jorge Drexler. Just 24 hours were enough to get more than 690K and 800K views respectively on the same streaming platform.

An overview of his performances

C. Tangana is usually a much wanted artist for festivals. Fans love his show and music. This is clearly proven at the video above, where the Sounders (attendants of Arenal Sound) could not help but to sing every single word in the lyrics. He has performed at Primavera Sound 2016 and 2018, Tomavistas 2017, Sonar Buenos Aires 2017, La Solar Festival 2018, Lollapalooza 2019 (Argentina and Chile), Arenal Sound 2019 and Madrid Salvaje 2019. Everywhere El Madrileño goes, he has a warm welcome. Nothing he does not deserve.

Where can we find C. Tangana this summer 2021?

As we know for the moment, El Madrileño will be joining the line up of Rio Babel (Spain), Primavera Sound (Spain), NOS Primavera Sound (Portugal) and Big Sound Festival (Spain). But he has demonstrated that he always has a place at festivals in Latin America. The question is, will he extend to North America, Asia or the rest of Europe? Keep an eye on new confirmations for this summer.

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