French women changing the world through music

Christine and the Queens
Photo: Tom Hancock (All Points East 2019)

On 8 March, we celebrate the International Women’s Day. On this day, we pay tribute to women that act for equality at all points between men and women, and fight for their rights. We still have a long way to go. Therefore, threw music, some French women are providing powerful values, messages and acts to make the world a better place for every human being.

France is known for having amazing female voices that always have an impact on culture, starting with Edith Piaf or Barbara. More recently, some new artists got famous, bringing important values and messages. By their music, they make us think. By their words, they create a new and better future in a world where men and women must be treated equally. Let’s have a look at four French women that create equality in a world that really needs it.

Barbara Pravi

Barbara Pravi will represent France at the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam in 2021! With a pure and unique voice, Barbara represents all that musical and emotional ideas we have about France. She made a feminist version of French singer Eddy de Pretto’s song Kid. Even if she does not consider herself a feminist, in an interview for Terrafemina, she said: “What a woman should be nowadays? Pretty but not too much, cause otherwise, she is a bitch. We say that when we leave her, she has to cry, otherwise she has no heart. There is only clichés on the collective imaginary”.

Christine and the Queens

Photo: Tom Hancock (All Points East 2019)

What a character! Christine and the Queens, known as Chris, is one of the most impacting French woman of these past years. She played twice at Coachella and she usually sells out most of the big stages and festivals in the world, like All Points East. She assumes her feminist part on all its forms, even on her character and name. Moreover, the queer singer controls everything, from her songs to her performances on stage. Her reputation is now international and thanks to it she can fight for more equality between men and women. On her second album ‘Chris’, she brings those values. We love her for that.


Yseult is an example of a strong woman being not only comfortable but happy with every part of herself. First known as the semifinalist of Nouvelle Star, a French TV show, she decided to get rid of all the contracts and rules to do whatever she wanted. Starting again from zero, she founded her society. Now, she is definitely herself, she writes her own texts and have various EPs. One of them is called ‘Corps’, which means “Bodies”.

At the ceremony of Victoires de la Musique, where she won a Victoire as “Feminine Revelation”, the French woman said: “I’m glad to be with people that understands me. My anger is legitimate. Ours is legitimate. Let’s be united (…). It’s not a victory just for me, but for my siblings. We came to take our liberty and independence”.


Another exciting French artist of tomorrow. Her duo with Grand Corps Malade helps threw music to understand how it feels to be a man or a woman. Pendant 24 Heures (During 24 hours) is a song where Grand Corps Malade comes into Suzane’s body and vice-versa. Grand Corps Malade would “stop working at 16:35 cause then, when you are a woman, you are not paid anymore”. Suzane would “put a hand at any man’s ass, to show them it is not ok”. A wonderful song that shows how it feels to be a man or a woman, with its good and bad things.

Suzane is a French singer that has a song for every topic that is important to her. And to us. With a great music she transmits great ideas of equality on the dancefloor. She will probably be at some festivals in France this year.

Every year in France, there is more and more women showing that there is still a lot of things to change in our society to reach a real and complete equality. Thanks to music, we could imagine that hopefully in a few years we could have a real change towards it.